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Research on the Characteristics and Core Idea of WuShu Culture in the Ancient Silk Road

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Sport history

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Oral presentation

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Presenter zhiyuguo - Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, China (Wushu Departament) - CN

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Room: Marte        Date: 1 September        Time: 10:00:00        Presenter: zhiyu guo

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Background:"The Silk Road" Is a Great Feat of Chinese.Now,China Has Proposed Building"The Belt and Road".Can We Make WuShu Develop to the West?Can we Promote Widespread Dissemination
of WuShu Culture along with the Strategy of the Silk Road and in the Name of "WuShu"?This Is the Basis for the Argument of this Paper.

Methods:By Using Cultural Geography,History,Cultural Anthropology as Well as Literature,Logic Analysis and Other Methods,We Study on the subject.

Results:People and Things of WuShu Culture in the Ancient Silk Road All Occurred along the Westbound Road."Westbound Exchanges" Is the First Remarkable Characteristic.There were more
than Dozens of Ethnic Groups in the Silk Road and This Was the Major Reason why WuShu Culture in the Ancient Silk Road Contained Multi-Ethnic Cultural Factors."Common Accumulation"Is the Second
Remarkable Characteristic.WuShu Culture in the Ancient Silk Road Is a Multi-Ethnic Common Accumulation.It Especially Embodied in the Previous Armed struggle of Eliminating Harassment,Consolidating the
Silk Road Unimpeded,Defending the Reunification of the Motherland and the Peace in the Border Areas.The Power of the Central Government and the Various Ethnic Groups to Maintain Unity Was a Strong
Pillar to Open and Expand the Ancient Silk Road.They Were the Fundamental Reason of WuShu Culture in the Ancient Silk Road Highlighted the WuShu Skills."Persisting in Reunification" Is the Third
Remarkable Characteristic.Wushu Culture Here Included Adept WuShu of Different Nations along the Way such as Horse Riding,Archery,Wrestling and Afferent WuShu from east to west such as Sumo,Art of
Fencing,Spear,knife and Shield,Sticks,Rimmer Knife,Whip-Cudgel,HongQuan,BaMenQuan,TongBeiChui and so on.Therefore,"Leaving behind the Traces of WuShu along the Silk Road"Is the Forth Remarkable
Characteristic.The Core Idea that We Can Comprehend from the above Characteristics Is "Westbound Exchanges","Harmonious Resultant Force","Persisting in Reunification","All the Way to Sow".This Is the
Beneficial Enlightenment which Is Left to WuShu to Continue Moving towards the World.

Conclusions:Those Vivid Anecdotes of Wushu Culture in the Ancient Silk Road which Is Mostly the Choice of the War.Now,Times Have Changed,but the Foresight of the Han and Tang
Dynasties which Opened and Expanded the Silk Road Is Still an Important Strategic Option of  "WuShu to Go to the World".Let us Follow the "National Policy of the Silk Road Economic Belt",Leading the
Westbound Development of WuShu.WuShu in the Ancient Silk Road Was WuShu of Fighting,while Morden WuShu to Go West Should Be WuShu of Physical Education,Cultural WuShu.We Expect More Countries and
Nations to Understand,Accept and Share Chinese WuShu and Besides,We Deeply Hope that the Olympic Games Will Learn more about and Adopt WuShu.In Short,To Be Deep to People’s Heart Further More Is the
Arrival of High State of “Civilization” of WuShu Culture.

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