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Analysis of the Status of China's Sports Industry in the National Economy

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Sport development

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Maowei Xu - Wuhan Sports University (School of Sports Economics and Management) - CN
Yongfang Zheng - Wuhan Sports University (School of Sports Economics and Management) - CN

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Room: Marte        Date: 2 September        Time: 17:00:00        Presenter: Maowei Xu

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Since China's reform and opening up, especially after economic system reform, our National Sports Economy is experiencing a rapid development stage. Also, National Sports Industry has ushered into a
golden development period with a huge output. However, in terms of its ratio in national economy, there is a long way to go to catch up with America, British and Japan. In general, the physical
fitness and entertainment of sports in foreign countries is mature and professional. Sports game operations are all related to sports intermediary development. While china’s sports intermediary is
still exploring its way, which is also a key point in developing china’s sports industry.

This study utilizes contrast analysis method, documentary method and data analysis method. According to the data of State General Administration of Sports and State Statistics Bureau figures, we
analyze the problem existing in China’s Sports Industry by the documentary and data analysis methods. By comparing other countries’ development of sports industry, some suggestions were achieved on
solving the problem.

There are three significant reasons, which prevent the development of Chinese sports industry. The first, in China, sports exist on the purpose of public benefit, so people don’t have any awareness to
sports industry, and the marketizition degree is low in Chinese sports market. The second, in China, sports goods industry remains the main status and still in the stage of low self-development,
little design capacity and little added value. The third, comparing to other industries, sports industry’s proportion in GDP and its average added value is related small. To develop the sports
industry in all direction, we need to make fitness-leisure sector and competition-performance sector as the core, assisting with the development of sports service sector and professional training
sector, and supported through goods manufacturing and construction sectors. At the same time, we can drive the sports information development by exhibition, intermediary and media sectors. In
different places of China, we have to make full use of the local resources with combing Opinions under  the actual situation of more emphasis are put on competition—performance and fitness-leisure

Sports industry enjoys a good start in the twelfth five- year plan, but it is still in a small scale with a low level development. To achieve the goal, it sounds statistics system as a basis pilot
study is needed for macro analysis. When sports become a kind of lifestyle and fixed consumption, sports industry will enter its prosperous development stage. During the process of comprehensive
reforms, the study on sports industry still has a long way to go.

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