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Research on the Condition and Development Strategy of Hainan Minority Traditional Sports Project

Abstract Theme

Sport development

Type Presentation

Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter Min Hui Xia - Hainan Normal University (Sports Institute) - CN
Bei Su - Hainan Normal University (Sports Institute) - CN
Ping Li - Hainan Normal University (Sports Institute) - CN
Xiao Jie Lin - Hainan Normal University (Sports Institute) - CN

Presentation Details

Room: Mercúrio        Date: 4 September        Time: 10:40:00        Presenter: MinHui Xia

Abstract Resume

Background:To research the inheritance and development of traditional minority sports project and the investigate object is the Hainan minority residents. 
Methods:Document literature, expert interview, questionnaire investigation and mathematical statistics ect.
(1) There are 101 kinds of Hainan minority tradition sports. They can be divided into: Run, Jump and Throw, Riding and Shooting, Dance and Drama, Strength, Water and Air, Ball Games and other 9 kinds
of sports.
(2) The original of Hainan minority tradition sports can be summarized as four kinds: originated from life, religious beliefs, self-defense and marriage.
(3) Experiential research on the present condition of Hainan minority traditional sports project can be summarized as the following: 1) Activities: There are many regions, projects and physical
education in minority schools which provide opportunities. However, the participation of condition is not optimistic. 2) Environment: Hainan is rich in natural resources and heritage of National
intangible cultural provides opportunities. 3) Experience: Participants feels a lot but they have little in concept of inheritance because of economic, individual, social and environment restrict. 4)
Benefits: The inheritance brings a lot of benefits for Hainan. But the difficult is that the development far away from enough. 5) Using multiple regression to build participation frequency model:
(4) The strategy of Hainan minority traditional sports.
     1). Take the school as a platform to spread, change the traditional model of personal training, and promote PE by advanced education.
     2). Establish community, rural and festival multi-field marketing model.
3). Take the east counties as the front stage,implement commercialization development model. Take the west counties as the curtain,implement half-market development model. Take middle area
counties as the back stage, implement original ecological protective development model.
     4). Construct diversified network, TV media platform, provide comprehensive information. Relevant policies and regulations protect the interests of the inheritance person.
(1) Hainan minority sports development and protection is still in infancy;
(2) Hardware and software facilities cannot meet the demand of development;
(3) Traditional minority national sports develop in disequilibrium;
(4) Traditional minority national sports development narrow.
(1) Adhere to the people-oriented, make full use of the school;
(2) Market platform to promote the development of traditional minority national sports events;
(3) With the aid of network, television and other media to public the National Minority sports;
(4) The department of education, culture, tourism, people hall unified understanding;
(5) To speed up the pace of space equipment update.
Keywords: Hainan; National Minority; Sports; Evolve; Development Strategy

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