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An Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Synergic Innovative Network Capabilities on Innovation Performance of Chinese Sports Goods Enterprises

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Governance and policy

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Yanlling Duan - Wuhan Sports University (Economics and Management School) - CN

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Room: Mercúrio        Date: 4 September        Time: 18:00:00        Presenter: Yanling Duan

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At Present, the Development of Sports Industry has been Emphasized as a National Strategy by Chinese Government, China is the World’s Largest Sports Goods Manufacturing Country, but Most of Sports
Goods Manufacturing Enterprises are Lack of Innovation Capabilities. With the Development Trend of Sports Industrial Convergence, Development of Synergic Innovation Network Capacities and Resource
Integration across Organizations even across Industries has Become an Effective Upgrading Way of Sports Goods Industrial. In Order to Explore the Innovation Antecedents and Improve the Innovation
Capabilities, this Study Examines the Interrelationships Between Aspects of Synergic Innovation Network Capabilities, Resource Integration and Innovation Performance of Chinese Sports Goods

Data were Collected from 245 Sports Goods Enterprises and 64 Senior Managers From Growth-Oriented Firms in the People’s Republic of China. These Firms had a Network Capabilities Focus on Collaborative
Innovation within Five Years and Planned for Exploratory or Exploitative Resource Integration through Internal or External Organization. The Paper Presents the Conceptual Model of the Study,
Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is Used to Test the Measurement and Substantive Models.

The Research Results Indicate that: the Synergic Innovative Network Capabilities have Significant Positive Effects on Innovation Performances of Sports  Goods Firms; There are Significant Differences
in the Effect of Different Types of Resource Integration on Innovation Performance of Sports Goods Enterprises, the Exploratory Resource Integration has Significant Positive Effect on Innovation
Performance, however the Exploitative Resource Integration has no Significant Effect on Innovation Performance; The Effect of Synergic Innovative Network Capabilities on Innovation Performance is
mainly Mediated by Exploratory Resource Integration.

This is the First Examination of the Roles of Synergic Innovative Network Capabilities and Resource Integration in the Innovation Process of the Chinese Sports Goods Enterprises. Synergic Innovation
Network Capabilities and Exploratory Resource Integration all can Promote Innovation Performance, Exploratory Resource Integration Plays Important Mediate Role in the Relationship between Synergic
Innovative Network Capabilities and Innovation Performance. Therefore, Building a Highly Effective Synergic Innovation Network of Sports Goods Industry can Help Get Complementary Innovation Resources
Widely, at the same time, Synergic Innovation Network Capacities can Play a Better Role in Sports Innovation Process through Developing Exploratory Resource Integration. The Study Provides Some
Valuable Managerial Implications as how to Develop Synergic Innovation Network Capacities and Resource Integration to Improve the Innovation Performance for Chinese Sports Goods Industry.

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