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Effects of Chocoletti on Recovery Athletes of the Brazilian Team Category sub-23, World Three-Times Rafting Championship

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Sport nutrition

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Presenter Ana Cláudia Garcia de Oliveira Duarte - Federal University of São Carlos (Department of Physical Education and Human Motricity) - BR
Jorge Camargo Oishi - Federal University of São Carlos (Department of Physical Education and Human Motricity) - BR
Antônio Eduardo de Aquino Júnior - Federal University of São Carlos (Department of Physical Education and Human Motricity) - BR
Leandro Ribeiro Costa - Federal University of São Carlos (Department of Physical Education and Human Motricity) - BR
Wilson Luiz Borges Junior - University Center of Votuporanga (Department of Physical Education) - BR
Julio Cesar Takehara - Physical Education at State University of Roraima (Department of Physical Education) - BR
Cynthia Aparecida de Castro - Federal University of São Carlos (Department of Physical Education and Human Motricity) - BR
Felipe Rodrigues Silva - Federal University of São Carlos (Federal University of São Carlos) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Purple - 6        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Ana Cláudia Duarte

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Background: Played in three days of competition and consisting of 4 tests, the modality of Rafting, in which Brazil is a world reference, requests from athletes a high demand for
fitness and synchronism in the small boat handling, with high metabolic and income demand. Although there are many types of protein supplements for high-level athletes, especially in the form of
powder or capsules, a few are shown in the form of "fresh food" as studied: a product based on type A milk, cocoa and sugar. This study aimed to determine the effects of supplementation with
Chocoletti on the recovery and performance of the tri world Rafting Champions team athletes, Under-23.

Methods: Therefore, athletes of the Brazilian team sub-23 Rafting (n = 7), who signed the informed consent and agreed to participate in this study, and after the initial assessments
(pre-supplementation), made the daily intake of two bottles of Chocoletti (175g per bottle), 30 minutes post-training in a pre-competition period during seven weeks. The offered product was well
evaluated by the athletes for being displayed as a high palatability food. After seven weeks, the athletes were reassessed (post-supplementation), over the following and same variables as in the
initial assessments: 1) Biochemical evaluations: blood count, blood glucose, total cholesterol, triglycerides, creatinine, hormones (TSH, T3, T4, Cortisol) , Uric acid, Urine I, Electrolytes, and
Oxidative Stress (TNF-α, IL-6, Vit E, MDA and GPX), 2) Physical Rating: anthrop-ometry, body composition, Aerobic Power.

Results: Initial assessments characterized the homogeneity of the sample, since all athletes showed normal values in biochemical evaluations, as they showed similarity of responses in
aerobic reviews and body composition. All variables also indicated healthy conditions of the athletes. After the seven-week period, and maintenance of training volume, post-supplementation ratings did
not show significant changes in biochemical evaluations. The concentrations of the oxidative and metabolic stress and protein catabolism markers did not change, and an indication that the offered
product was able to act on the recovery of athletes. Athletes also showed a significant reduction on fat mass, with maintenance of lean body mass, which promoted a better body composition without
changes in the lipid profile. Regarding the physical and performance assessments, athletes had a significant  15% increase in VO2max.

Conclusions: We concluded that the used product (Chocoletti) was able to assist in the recovery and maintenance of the physiological variables of Brazilian athletes world champions of
rafting, which can be attributed to the product composition: milk and cocoa proteins.

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