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Water Aerobics Contribution on Combating Chronic Back Pain

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Physical activity and health

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Presenter Carla Mariza de Lima Krieger - UNICAMP/UFRGS (Educação Física) - BR
Jorge Luiz de Souza - UFRGS (Educação Física) - BR
Marco Carlos Uchida - UNICAMP (Educação Física) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Yellow - 9        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Carla Mariza Krieger

Abstract Resume

Nowadays, There Is Concern on the Behalf of Health Scholars so as to Fight Degenerative Problems of the Spinal Column Which Are Responsible for the Back Pain. They Originated Form Incorrectly
Performed Movements, Impacts over the Joints and Muscular Imbalance; They Can, however, Be Improved and Even Prevented through the Practice of Exercises which Are, among Others, Hidrogymnastics. The
Purpose of This Study Was to Verify the Effect of Hidrogymnastics over the Back Pain in Seven Regions of the Body (Cervical, Dorsal, Low Back and Radiated Pain in Shoulders, Arms, Gluteus and Legs)
Associated to Muscular Pain.

The Sample Was Constituted by Women Hospital´s Employees Suffering from Chronical Back Pain. 12 Women (41,8 ± 9.7) Were Submitted to a Hydrogymnastics Program. Each Session of This Program Included
Aerobics Exercises (between 60% and 80% of Maximum Heart Rate), of Muscular Resistance to Upper and Lower Limbs, of Stretching and of Relaxation, Developed for a Period of Twelve Weeks of Treatment,
with Two Weekly Sessions, of 45 Minutes Each. The group Control Had 20 Women (38,6 ± 6,5).
The Effect of the Program Was Analyzed, through the Use of a Questionnaire to Evaluate the Intensity and the Frequency of the Back Pain. The Data Were Statistically Analyzed by Kruskal-Wallis Test.

The Results Obtained Shows that There Were a Statistically Significant Differences in the Intensity and Frequency of the Back Pain, Respectively in the Cervical Area (p=0, 01), Shoulders (p=0,00) and
Shoulders and Arms (p=0,00), as well as in the Shoulders Area (p=0,01), Shoulders and Arms (p=0,00) and Dorsal Area (p=0,03). Moreover, the Intensity of Pain Was Reduced in these Areas: Cervical
(50%), Shoulders and Arms (33%), Dorsal (66%), Low Back (33%), Gluteus and Legs (50%).  The Frequency of the Pain also Was Reduced: Cervical (67%), Shoulders and Arms (33%), Dorsal (66%), Low Back
(67%), Gluteus and Legs (67%).

The Results Found in This Study Allow Concluding that the Hydrogymnastic Program Was Efficient to Reduce the Intensity and Frequency of the Back Pain, Mainly in the Cervical, Shoulders, Shoulders and
Arms, Dorsal Suggesting Being an Affective and Appropriated Program to Combat  Back Pain.

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