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Physical activity and health

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Presenter 1. Valter Mariano dos Santos Junior - University Center of Votuporanga – SP (Physical Education ) - BR
Presenter 2. Wilson Luiz Borges Junior - University Center of Votuporanga – SP (Physical Education ) - BR
Presenter 3. Julio Cesar Takehara - State University of Roraima – RR. (Physical Education ) - BR
Presenter 4. Denys Soares Baptista - University Center of Votuporanga – SP (Physical Education ) - BR
Presenter 5. Ismael da Silva Bueno Neto - University Center of Votuporanga (Physical Education ) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Yellow - 44        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: VALTER DOS SANTOS JUNIOR

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Introduction: Currently cycling has called the attention of people of different ages in the northwest region of São Paulo, generating economic growth in direct trade sales of bicycles and accessories
related to the practice of cycling, be it facing competitive purposes or recreational. For the individual practice mode, you need to have not only the bike and your security components, but also
guidance on the appropriate size of the bicycle as well as the necessary adjustments so that during this practice the individual may have and achieve benefits in their training (ROBERTSON, et, al,
Objectives: Based on this assumption, the present study objective was to gather information regarding the interest and knowledge of a group of cyclists in the city of Votuporanga, and thus promote a
proposal for evaluation by the Bike Fit (BF) in order to guide and prevent these individuals the benefits of BF, and the prevention of possible harm that could be exposed during use and improper
posture of the bike during practice.
Methodology: Information was collected regarding the practice of cycling experience with the sport, practice goals, and history of joint pain. They met Term of Free and Informed agreeing to
Results: The study included 59 men, with standard deviation and average age of 39.4 ± 7.3 years in the number of weekly training sessions, 84.7% (50) of the participants pedal three
times a week for 50 minutes (session), 88.1% (52) practice cycling for over two years, in relation to the history of joint pain, 71% claim to suffer pain in the lower back after the ride, which
according Priego Quesada et al (2016), may indicate a misfit on bike saddle height damaging the cyclist during cycling. Regarding BF, none of the participants claimed to have participated in this type
of assessment which explains the lack of group evaluated for proper positioning of the cyclist during cycling.
Conclusion: According to the reports, it was concluded that the research participants, have good adhesion to cycling both the practice time and the number of weekly training
sessions, however the application of BF in participating population may favor the improvement of quality ride, inhibiting the incidence of pain and other discomforts that can directly reach the
performance and quality of practice. Remember that the studies are not conclusive, and several researchers inserted in the field recommend more research relating to the subject.

Keywords: Bike Fit. Cycling. Health promotion.

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