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The Government supply、Public demands analysis and satisfaction survey of Public Sports Information Service in China

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Sport sociology

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Presenter Qing Ding - Suzhou University (Physical Education Institute) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 10        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Qing Ding

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Public sports information service is an important part of public sports services, which led to the government by providing information on various forms of public sports events, sports related
information of public services to convey to the public, making public service information to share public sports resources to satisfy the information needs of the public. Research Public Sports
information services can enrich public sports service in the field of information theory and practice content, enhance the level of public sports service and its capability.
This paper use literature, interviews and questionnaires to research public sports information service in china. Based on the theoretical research, we investigated and analyzed the current situation
of government supply and the public's demand of public sports information service. Under a comprehensive grasp and understanding of the status of public sports information service, we proposed the
development of countermeasures against the real problems that exist in the process of information services.
The development of public sports information service is still in its infancy; website and mobile information dissemination channels are public access to public sports information services are most
needed, information publishing sites most in need of public services; mainly through non-public paper-based information media to accept public sports information service. At the same time, the study
also explored the main factors that influence the public to the overall satisfaction include 5 aspects.
1.Public sports information service is builded and maintained mainly by sports administration departments : Secretary of mass sports, Mass sports office, Information center and Office.
2. Sports administration portal is the main communication channel for public sports information services,website information services function primarily for information dissemination, information
retrieval, information interaction and supervision of feedback information.
3. Improve public sports service system will promote public sports information service capacity and to enhance the overall level of service system innovation can improve the service resource
utilization, improve service quality, and enhance public confidence in the service, visibility and reputation.
4. Study fitness knowledge,understanding sports information and Recreation are main purpose for the public to receive public sports information service.Websites and mobile phones are most in need of
public information dissemination channels, the information publishing sites most in need of public services. According to demographic features, provide targeted public sports information services can
improve the quality of service to some extent, and get better results.
5.The reliability of the information content, information disclosure transparency, ease of access to information, feedback channel patency, the effectiveness of the methods of supervision information
are public information services determinants of overall satisfaction.The Evaluation model based on these factors can be established to evaluate it objectively.

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