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Abstract Title

Comparative Study on Regulation of Sports Social Organizations between China and USA

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

Type Presentation

Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter CongNingli - Chengdu Sport University (Faculty of Physical Education) - CN
ChenCongkan - Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (School of Sports Science and Physical Education) - CN

Presentation Details

Room: Venus        Date: 2 September        Time: 10:40:00        Presenter: Ningli Cong

Abstract Resume

Background:Sports social organizations grow fast in both China and USA, and becomes an important part of the society with a great function. While developing, regulation becomes
important and necessary. Especially in China, development of sports social organizations brought sorts of problems, we need to deal with them. China and USA both have their own ways and
characteristics on regulation. Compared with USA, China can learn a lot of experience about how to regulate in order to improve the regulation of sports social organizations.

Methods:Literature Review, Comparative study, field survey are the main methods in the study.

Results:The characteristics of sports social organizations regulation in USA are as follows: (1) Styles of regulation are various. Such as government auditing, supervising and
disclosing different kinds of information of sports social organizations; Lots of people participate in the regulation through media, which has a great impact; Establish third-party organizations in
order to do the regulation; (2) Regulation according to Law. Guarantee the right and the freedom for association; Keep the independence of sports social organizations. The characteristics of sports
social organizations regulation in China includes: (1) Legal system in China is not perfect. Especially for regulation, it is hard to find a way to regulate sports social organizations in accordance
with law; (2) There is no clear border between sports social organization and sports administration department, they are the same mechanism with different names, such as China Basketball Association
etc. It is difficult to regulate.

Conclusions: Compared to USA, we can get some enlightenment as follows: (1) Attach importance to regulation, not only to registration. Registration for sports social organizations is
relatively sound in China, we need to shift the focus on regulation; (2) Implement categorized regulation, to regulate different types of sports social organizations separately, such as sports
foundations, people-run non-enterprise units of sports and sports social groups, regulation on them should follow different standards; (3) Establish specialized third-party organizations. Third-party
organization is non-governmental, it helps to overcome the difficulty in failures from government regulation; (4) Strengthen mutual regulation between different sports social organizations. Try to
create more opportunities for them to communicate together, so that they can own a same stage for knowing, understanding and regulating each other better.

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