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"Never Stop Trying": Understanding Experiences of "Being an Athlete in Transition"

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The athlete’s career

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Brown - 1        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: KEILA BARROS

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Background: The sport career is a longitudinal process consisting of several phases characterized by the degree of specialization sports, stage of life´s athlete on human development,
social relations and academic level. During this, a series of events occurs, which can be seen as transitions, since they turn the way how athletes interact with the world. Unlike researches found on
sport career transitions - covering the understanding of career transitions objectively, primarily targeted at their objective description, characteristics and coping strategies developed by athletes,
the goal of this proposal was to understand how basketball players experience transitions that are part of the sport career development process, based on reports of athletes and former basketball
athletes. In this sense, we proposed the use of the term transitions during sports career in place of sports career transitions, which often is synonymous with the sports career retirement in the
literature. This appointment frees us from the shackles of periodization of the sports education, from the categories set out in the sports, from the predictability conditions of unpredictable.
Methods:We conducted a qualitative study: they were interviewed 6 athletes between 15 and 23 years-old, men and women, from the question "Tell me about your sports career". The
analysis was based on the phenomenological method developed by Husserl applied to phenomenological interview.
Results:After interviews, transcriptions, phenomenological reductions required and the application of intentional crossing method for meeting the experiences of athletes, we find five
essential experiences in the transitions processes in career: the nameless affection; the eternal pursuit - "Never stop trying"; recognize/know yourself; "with basketball I learned… things to life"
and defensive balance, which came in the existential questions explored by Merleau-Ponty (freedom, temporality, body in the world and intersubjectivity) which allowed us to understand affection
developed in basketball practice in interweaving the relentless and carefull pursuit, the career as a professional athlete that enables the recognition of self and the other from the relationships
developed in a constant learning provided by the sport and the relations co-constituted in this environment that transform a group geared towards a goal in a soaked community of affection, solidarity
among peers and gratitude. The analysis of these experiences came in two structuring experiences, “the lived through/crossed - the lived with” and “gratitude” which are presented as characteristics of
the community association.
Conclusions:The experiences enabled us to identify the importance of technical, family and experienced athletes in the transition processes during sports career and indicate that
empathy and willingness to genuine encounter that respects who is the athlete and their needs are essential in any kind of intervention on the environment and sporting life. Other findings allow
discussions about career transition and concepts with authors science of sport and management, enenriching possibilities the study list on the sports career phenomenon

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