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A Study on Students Physical Fitness Test Results Using to Elementary and Secondary Schools in China

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Sport pedagogy

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Abstract Authors

Presenter Huilin Wang - Tianjin University of Sport (Physical Education Center) - CN
Wei Yan - Tianjin University of Sport (Phyaical Education and Training Department) - CN
Wanyong Lei - Tianjin University of Sport (Graduate Department) - CN
Yinyin Lei - Tianjin University of Sport (Graduate Department) - CN

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 2        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Huilin Wang

Abstract Resume

With the National Student’s Physical Fitness Test(NSPFT) system implemented widely around schools in China. Its assessment efficacy has been paid a lot of attention. NSPFT results using is one of the
important aspects of implementing the system.The purpose of paper is to put forward the direction of the effective of the NSPFT result suing. In order to promote the understanding of NSPFT system from
the angle of multi-dimensional and provide certain reference and reference for the system implementation.
An investigation and analysis reveals the NSPFT result using in practice and utilization condition through 32 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) 3162 primary and middle schools at all
levels (. Sample distribution is as 2331 in urban areas, 575 in township , 256 schools in rural areas; 2990 public schools, 168 private schools, 4 mixed-system schools; 860 boarding schools, 2302
non-boarding schools.) in China. The data obtained frequency analysis, descriptive statistical analysis data with statistical methods.
According to the survey found NSPFT results using behavior at various levels schools and mainly: "as a reference to arrange the teaching content ", "put into the student physical education scores",
"public to encourage students to participate in sports activities", "evaluation of teaching effect".The data percentage reached more than half. There are more than fifty percent of the schools take
concrete actions play important role to use NSPFT results.And using the results of most high schools and elementary schools average using the test result as "put into the student physical education
scores”, the number accounted for nearly seventy percent; the most middle school and secondary vocational schools using the results of as "to as a reference for arrangement physical education teaching
content ", the number accounted for nearly eighty percent; and “Used to evaluate the teaching effect ", and" public it to encourage students to participate in sports activities ”the proportion are
higher than fifty percent in all kinds of schools at all levels. In a certain extent determines the NSPFT to promote the students carrying on the regular physical activities and  improvement of
teaching levels. In addition, only nearly one third schools choice "give to the students' parents. Nearly ten percent schools chose "never using". The situation of school NSPFT result using is
slightly different with different classes, properties, types and areas schools, the difference was not significant. Data showed that there is a certain distance away from the relevant national
requirements currently, suggested that need to make efforts to change this situation.
The status of NSPFT results using is active. The utilization ways focus on three aspects: students, physical education teachers and parents. Students’ physical fitness test results using behavior also
show the ways through the three aspects. “Using for teaching" is most using behavior. The mode and scope of students’ physical fitness test results using needs to be further expanded.

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