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Sports Culture Development Under The Vision of Globalization:Seek Common Points While Reserving Difference

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Sport development

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Presenter Yang Xiaosheng - South China Normal University (School of physical education & sports science) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 18        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Xiaosheng Yang

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Background:With the trend of globalization of sports culture, the western sports culture entered strongly into the world, inevitably, with an intense feeling of national sports
culture collision and impact. In the process of the development of sports culture, if you ignore the openness of the culture, blindly go as strong culture, then the mutual integration and
communication between cultures will be lost, thus gradually results in conflict and contradiction between cultures. Based on review on the history of sports terrorist event, political opposition,
cultural differences, ethnic conflicts, and religious differences are the main reasons for the sports terrorist incidents.The development of sports culture cannot ignore cultural diversity and
cultural identity.
Methods:This research uses the method of documentation, logical analysis through the thought of "seeking common ground while putting aside differences" to awaken people for the
reconsideration about their culture, in order to strengthen the appeal of cultural identity, as well as to realize the fusion between differed sports culture and draw lessons from it, so as to promote
the mutual understanding between the people of the world, enhance the solidarity and friendship of all ethnic groups, and finally realize world peace.
Results:The Olympic movement is originated from the west, but belongs to the world, it is the diversity of the world sports culture as an objective fact, it is an inevitable trend of
development of the future of the Olympic movement.On the way to the Olympic movement development we should avoid the Olympic culture of simplification, simplification will lead to cultural
homogeneity, loss of culture and innovation, leading to extreme.Multicultural identity can be seen as the protection of human sports culture diversity, and the elimination of cultural hegemony, it has
very important significance for the general progress of the world sports culture. But the diversity of the Olympic cultural identity is a slow process, needs to jointly work on eastern and western
countries. We shall break the old thinking, learn from each other and draw lessons from their respective strengths, not blindly reject, eliminate the total westernization by Olympic culture blindly.
Through multiple recognition,  we can raise the cultural power, strengthen the personality and advancement, so as to make more achievements for the Olympic cultural diversity and harmonious
international relations.
Conclusions:Sports globalization is an unstoppable trend, but how to develop the sports globalization, is the problem we should think seriously about.In the process of the development
of the Olympic movement, the idea of "seeking common ground while putting aside differences" enriches the connotation of the Olympic spirit in the formation of sports culture under the background of
globalization, and diversified development pattern, it is not just about the sustainable development of world sports’ future, at the same time it is also crucial in creating a harmonious, fair and
just international relations.

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