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Physical activity and health

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Presenter Ivan Esaú Pinto Vargas - Cruzeiro do Sul University, São Paulo, SP, Brazil (Institute of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences) - BO
Lucas Eduardo Antunes Bicalho - Cruzeiro do Sul University, São Paulo, SP, Brazil (Institute of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences) - BR
José Angelo Barela - São Paulo State University, Rio Claro, SP, Brazil (Institute of Biosciences) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Yellow - 7        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: ivan pinto

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Visual Information is Important for Movement Control and Visual Cues are Searched in the Environment by Eye Movements Performing Active Fixations and Saccades. Several Studies Have Raised the
Importance of the Behavior of Fixations and Saccades during Motor Activities, Such as in Maintaining Upright Stance. However, the Use of Visual Information, in Different Eye Movement Condition, to
Postural Control in Adults Deprived of Sleep is Still Scarce. Thus, the Aim of this Study was to Investigate the Possible Effects of Horizontal Saccades and Ocular Fixation to a Target in Postural
Control Performance in Young Adults with Sleep Deprivation.

Twenty-six Healthy young adults, Aged between 18 and 35 Years, were Divided into Two Groups: Sleep Deprivation (SD) and Control (CG). The Participants Underwent Two Evaluations, in Two Subsequent
Days, between 8 to 10am.  Prior to the First Evaluation, participants were Instructed to Sleep Normally and, After the Evaluation, to Carry out their Activities Throughout the Day. On the Same Day,
the SD Returned to the Lab Around the 8 pm and Remained Awake all Night while Participants of CG Slept as Usual. On the Next Day, Participants from both Groups were Again Evaluated. In both
Evaluations, Participants were Instructed to Maintain the Most Stable and Quiet Upright Stance Fixating a Target and Performing Saccades to a Target that was Presented in Two Distinct Locations (0.5
Hz). Each participant Performed 3 Trials in each Condition and each Trial Lasted 60. body Sway was Obtained Using an IRED Marker of a Motion Analysis System (OPTOTRAK Certus, NDI) Attached to the
participant’s Back. Postural Control Performance was Assessed Obtaining Body Sway Mean  Velocity for Medial-Lateral and Anterior-Posterior Directions.

MANOVA Indicated that, for both Fixation and Saccades Conditions, Participants from the CG Did not Show any Difference between Evaluations. Differently, Participants from the SD Did not Differ From
the CG in the First Evaluation, However, Swayed with Higher Velocity after Sleep Deprivation.

These Results Indicate that Sleep Deprivation Deteriorates the Performance of Postural Control in Young Adults in Performing both Fixation and Saccades Movements, Suggesting that Sleep Deprivation
Might Deteriorate the Use of Visual Cues to Control Motor Skills.

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