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Abstract Title

The Association between Genu Valgus and Physical Activity Level, Adjusted to the Chronological Age in Brazilian Females Adolescent Students

Abstract Theme

Physical activity and health

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Abstract Authors

Presenter Andrea Cassimiro - CELAFISCS (PESQUISA) - BR
Victor Matsudo - CELAFISCS (PESQUISA) - BR
Rafael Benito Mancini - CELAFISCS (PESQUISA) - BR
João Pedro da Silva Junior - CELAFISCS (PESQUISA) - BR
Timóteo Leandro Araújo - CELAFISCS (PESQUISA) - BR
Luis Carlos de Oliveira - CELAFISCS (PESQUISA) - BR

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Yellow - 43        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Andrea Oliveira

Abstract Resume

The malalignment of the lower limbs could offer discomfort during physical activity, which may be a negative factor for an active lifestyle. 
Objective: To analyze the association between the genu valgus and the level of physical activity level (PAL), categorized in: total, light, moderate, vigorous and moderate to
vigorous, adjusted to the chronological age in female students.
sample comprised 270 female students, 30 girls in each age group, aged 10-18 years (14.9 ± 1.63), intermalleolar distance IM:(3.17 ± 1.79) cm and living in the city of Ilhabela, Brazil. The genu
valgus was evaluated using a goniometer, measuring the intermalleolar distance (cm). Physical activity behavior in different intensities (minutes per week) were assessed by the International Physical
Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ). Statistical analysis has used multiple linear regression adjusted to the chronological age, and it was taken a significance level of p< 0.05.
The association between genu valgus and physical activity level, adjusted to the chronological age in Brazilian females adolescent students.
Total   PA        (min/week)	β -6.771, Light   PA  (min/week)	  β: 4.938, Moderate PA   (min/week)	β: -10.848* (p< .05), Vigorous  PA   (min/week)	β: -.557 and moderate to vigorous PA (min/week) β:
-11.405* (p< .05).
There was an association between intermalleolar distance and level of moderate and moderate to vigorous physical activity. There wasn’t association between intermalleolar distance and level of total,
light and vigorous physical activity.
Genu valgus interferes negatively in physical activities of moderate and moderate to vigorous among females adolescent students.

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