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Quantification force provided by the kick Dolio Tchagi impact in the region atm

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Technology in sports

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Presenter Joyce Vieira Martins dos Santos - Faculdade Clube Nautico Mogiano (Educação Fisica ) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Pink - 2        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Joyce dos Santos

Abstract Resume

Background:The main feature of taekwondo is to strike blows using lower limbs. Dollyo tchagui kick is one of most applied in face region in championships and during training, because
it provides a better score. Taekwondo requires the use of protector in order to minimize impacts generated by the blows. To keep the athlete head protected it is used an helmet. However, it is
frequently in competitions and during the training to happen lesions in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This joing is one of the most complex in the body, and is responsible for chewing and

Methods:Thus, this study aims to quantify the power generated by Dollyo Tchagui kick in ATM region. Therefore it was developed an application that allows to recognize gestures and 20
points of the body joint. To develop the power measurement application described in this study it was uses functions found in MS-Kinect library, created for computational purposes. Is allowed us to
create an objected oriented algorithm. In this study participated 7 athletes, aged 16 to 30 of both female; N=4; 49Kg, 57Kg, 67Kg and over de 67Kg) and male (N=3; até 58Kg, 68Kg e 80Kg). The
volunteers were positioned in the field of recognition of the Kinect sensor and each participant performed 3 turns of Dollyo Tchagui kick in a Bob Sparring. Information data of each kick were analyzed
in real time and stored by the application. For system validation, Bob Sparring was instrumented with the load cell sensor to compare the power intensity measured with the results presented by
developed application.

Results:Results were presented in graphics performance and comparing the operation and system repeatability. Through mathematical modeling, electronics and programming on a single set
was possible to quantify the power provided in the TMJ region by Dolly Tchagui kick.

Conclusions: Results showed the impact power of the kick in real time with videogrammetry using a device of easy access with the Kinect.

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