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Reading and the Olympic sports: why not ?

Abstract Theme

Sport pedagogy

Type Presentation

Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter Tania Regina Pinto de Almeida - GEO SANTA TERESA (PEDAGÓGICO) - BR
Rodrigo Vianna Mulatinho - GEO Santa Teresa - UTAD (Lutas) - BR

Presentation Details

Room: Marte        Date: 3 September        Time: 11:50:00        Presenter: Rodrigo Mulatinho

Abstract Resume

Background:Even though the idea of uniting the practice of sports with traditional education in schools is a current theme for lectures and debates, it is in usual to verify the
implementation of an educational system that manages to combine both. Throughout the history of mankind, the practice of sports has been a relevant factor to education. Practice of sports and reading
are very important to focus the student on their subjects and to construct someone's education based on discipline and concentration. In Ancient Greece, for example, physical activities were combined
with moral studies in people's development in order to become “real citizens”. Sports practice has been facing enormous changes and discussions through time but their relationship with people's
education remains accurate (Korsakas Junior, 2002). Aiming that the reading is important for organizing students ideas and also concentration our school developing this project to prove that Judo can
help the improve the students learning not only the Olympics values but also the concentration in their reading that they need in their lives.
In Brazil, due to the occurrence of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016, at the city of Rio de Janeiro, there was proposed a new educational system to be applied at school units called GEOs
(Experimental Olympic Gymnasiums) that has been conquering simultaneous achievements in sports and traditional educational areas, since its beginning, four years ago.

Methods:The school´s project began in February 2016 with groups of students from the 6th grade Elementary School of  E.M.J.A.S , presenting aspects of the east culture (with special
attention to the Japanese) including its history, food and architectural structure, together with the practice of the Japanese sport of judo. This type of fight was chosen to be the starting point of
this project. After the study of these information, the students would go to their judo class space (the Dojo) to practice the sport itself and to read and learn about this in the Reading classes.
It´s proved with the groups for the Reading groups that their grades go up and that they developed their listening and organization by itself. Then, the judo coach would teach its procedure, with a
special focus on the compliance with its rituals and the due respect to the Samurai’ system, in a way that all information acquired would become useful and even more interesting. They learn and read
about the Judo and afterwards they can practice what they´ve learnt.

Conclusions:The school’s subject  that combines these two (literature and sports) is called "Reading Room". So, the students can read in and out the School´s walls proving that they
can learn not only literature, poetry and Fairy Tales practicing the values and the concepts of the Judo´s.

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