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Personality traits in swiming athletes of Speed, Middle and Bottom.

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Sport psychology

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Abstract Authors

Gabriele Matias Avelino do Bonfim - University of São Paulo (Physical Education) - BR
Presenter Cassio de Miranda Meira Junior - University of São Paulo (Physical Education) - BR
Beatriz Matias Avelino do Bonfim - University of São Paulo (Physical Education) - BR

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 5        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Gabriele Bonfim

Abstract Resume

Background: The study addresses the personality traits in swimming athletes, in order to relate scores of extroversion, neuroticism and Psychoticism with major or preference tests
(speed, middle and bottom).

Methods: The sample consisted of 67 swimmers from both genders and from different income levels, which responded individually. the "Eysenck Personality Questionnaire".

Results: Multivariate analysis indicated that only the proof of variables and sex was that they had significant differences, since the other variables (competitive level and
disability) if it had no significant differences in relation to personality traits. On Factor Proof: F (4,47) = 2.40; p = 0.06; ƞp2 = 0.17; in Psychoticism stroke, swimmers of the background evidence
scored higher swimmers of speed tests. The factor Sex: F (4,46) = 5.29; p = 0.001; ƞp2 = 0.32; in Neuroticism trait, women athletes scored higher than the men athletes.

Conclusions: So in relation to the evidence Psychoticism trait had high scores in swimmers of the background evidence compared with the speed and relative to sex Neuroticism trait was
higher in women athletes compared with men athletes.

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