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Support Services During Sports Careers Overview of Managers, Coaches andAthletes in Brazil.

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The athlete’s career

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Presenter Rosiane Raduan Alexandrino - University of São Paulo (School of Physical Education and Sport) - BR
Maressa D'Paula Gonçalves Rosa Nogueira - University Santa Cecilia (Faculty of Physical Education and Sports) - BR
Ana Lúcia Padrão dos Santos - University of São Paulo (School of Physical Education and Spor) - BR
Maria Tereza Silveira Böhme - University of São Paulo (School of Physical Education and Spor) - BR
Flávia da Cunha Bastos - University of São Paulo (School of Physical Education and Spor) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Brown - 2        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Rosiane Alexandrino

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Background: For achieving success in the sporting environment and reach a career with excellence, athletes should have necessary conditions and support. The support during sports
career is one of the factors that can contribute to this success (De Bosscher et al., 2009). However in Brazil there is no further information about this subject. The aim of this study was to
investigate the support services offered and received by highperformance athletes during sports career according to view of managers, coaches and athletes.
Methods: The survey method was used, with the participation of 7 (9.5%)
managers, 10 (8.4%) coaches and 191 (8.2%) athletes with a mean age of 42.6, 40.1 and 26.1 years, respectively; all linked to the modalities present in Brazil Plan Medals 2016 (Brasil, 2012), a
support program for individual sports with real chances of medals at the Olympic Games in 2016 and that represented the states or cities (capital cities) with greater Olympic participation, budgetary
and in the Brazilian GDP. The questionnaires used belong to the model developed by De Bosscher et al. (2009) and translated by Böhme and Bastos (in press). All standards of research ethics were
observed. The data were analyzed by the calculation of the responses percentage.
Results: Regarding sports science services (massage therapists, physical therapists and specialist doctors), managers, coaches and athletes have similar views as to the access to
massage therapists (50%, 40% and 50% respectively); however coaches report lower levels of access to physical therapists (67%, 30% and 63% respectively) and specialist doctors (50%, 20%
and 42%). About the support services during the sporting life (legal advice, media relations, financial advice and career advice) the opinions of managers and athletes are the same as legal advice,
financial advice (17%, 10% and 17% respectively), but differ between the groups for career advice (17%, 30% and 21% respectively) and media relations (33%, 40% and 25% respectively) where the coaches
are more optimistic.
Conclusions: It is possible to identify a discrepancy between the views of managers, coaches and athletes in addition to the insufficient availability of support services offered and
received during the sporting life for high performance sports athletes in Brazil.

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