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The Body Reorganization for Sporting Gesture

Abstract Theme

Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging

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Abstract Authors

Presenter Lara Dias - Sesc São Paulo (Físico-esportivo) - BR
Presenter Artur Luis da Silva - Sesc São Paulo (Físico-esportivo) - BR
Presenter Flávia Cristina Toscano - Sesc São Paulo (Físico-esportivo) - BR

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Brown - 14        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Lara Dias

Abstract Resume

Background:Project presentation of “Ensaio para um gesto orientado e qualidade de vida” that took place in Sesc São Paulo, in Vila Mariana unit, in the second semester of 2015. The
intention was to experience a structured body to expand the participant’s movements repertory and afford a daily improvement with an alert body, breaking previous social behaviors imposed by society.
Methods:Sesc is a referenced institution in promoting sport, culture, leisure and quality of life with several cultural centers located in São Paulo state. It proposes several
social-educative practices which the physical-sporting with a holistic view integrality is an outstanding topic. Having this proposal, it led to a work with Movement School headed by Ivaldo Bertazzo,
who acts in a gesture reform since 70´s. He has other projects developed in partnership with Sesc among them, the graduating the physical educators in the Bertazzo Reeducação do Movimento method and
Gesto Orientado, a book published by Sesc, which was the base for the project taught by Ivaldo Bertazzo and his team with collaboration with Sesc physical educators.
Results:This course lasted 5 months, with 2 hours and a half classes twice a week, when 100 participants from several different ages presenting diverse motor experiences. In the
beginning the purpose was reorganize body structures, followed by choreographed sequences with rhythmic and coordinative elements, resulting in an entertainment that linked sport and art.
Conclusions:The developing Project included the course and the entertainment revealed a social behavior change, covering the psychomotor design as a civilized process. The exercises
experience bought up a movement unit in the human environment diversity, highlighting body balance, overcoming and a mindful and conscious body, elements that call up an arouse of a alive and
sensitive body.

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