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Genetics and sport

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Presenter Tadeu Cardoso de Almeida - Centro Universitário da Fundação Educacional de Barretos - UNIFEB - SP (Educação Física) - BR
Amir Horiquini Barbosa - Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas de Ribeirão Preto – FCFRP-USP (Biociências ) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Purple - 6        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Tadeu Almeida

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During the motor development, a several physic and mechanic changes occur and the physical growth factors, maturation, development of physical fitness, physical activity, age and experience are all
interrelated. Changes are represented by changes in somatomotor characteristics of the individual that in different aspects related to the performance of physical fitness.
Studies suggest genetic predisposition from the analysis of the dermatoglyphics characteristics of individuals, according to the similarity of fingerprints. The shape of digital lines originates
embryologically derived from the outermost germ cell layer, the ectoderm. Fingerprints represent universal genetic markers, and can represent certain ethnic and population pattern.
The performance between genders is considered essential for the professionals in the fields aimed at understanding human movement, such as the Motor Development. In this sense, studies are necessary
to investigate the physical fitness related to the motor development of children and adolescents. The purpose of this work is to find a Dermatoglyphic pattern associated with physical fitness in
horizontal power test.

This study included 78 students, 43 male and 35 female, mean age 8.2 ± 0.5. We used the horizontal jump test to analyze horizontal power test, which consists of starting from the standing position
behind a line marked on the ground, with parallel feet and jump as far as possible, with swinging of the arms and bending of the knees to provide forward drive. All subjects had detailed explanations
of the tests and had previous experience with the procedures prior to testing.
The test of Dermatoglyphics obtained fingerprints, and the row count was made by drawing a line, which combines the geometric center of each delta of the nuclear system. This count does not include
lines representing the centers of the nuclear system and delta. Is only part of the count the loops and whorls.

The predominant digital design for both groups was L> W, which focuses on 32.62% of boys and 37.18% for girls. For 10P formula it was observed that boys performed better in the horizontal power test
with an average of 1.37 ± 0.26 m, and the girls ALW design performed better in tests with 1.24 ± 0.06 m .
However, no significant statistical difference (p> 0.05) between two groups was presented.

Despite the differences between the digital drawings with the patterns 10P and ALW, the Loop (L) format is present in both types of students who were better in the horizontal power test.

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