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Exploring of practice teaching reform under the background of outstanding teachers of physical education

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Sport pedagogy

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Presenter Xiang-qun Zhang - Shaoguan University (College of Physical Education) - CN
Jin-Qin FAN - ShaoGuan University (Sport college) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 18        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Xiang-qun Zhang

Abstract Resume

Background:Practice is the soul and ultimate of the sports, also the basic requirement of sports teaching. Practice teaching reform is the core to realize "outstanding talents"
training plan. From the perspective of "practice teaching", the sports education professional practice base, practice teaching and practice teaching were analyzed, and the fit of the practice
teaching, theory and practice teaching are discussed in this paper, the mechanism of training, practice teaching and sports practice teaching mode and so on to carry on the review, in order to enrich
and perfect the sports practice teaching content system, exploring the way to cultivate outstanding PE teachers.

Methods:It adopted documentary study,logical analysis and teaching practice.

Results:Sports education specialized practice teaching characteristics: openness, creativity, experienceand autonomy. Outstanding PE teachers' growth is closely related with sports
practice teaching. Community of outstanding teacher training should be formed in the middle and primary schools.The universities combined with the enterprise build the new form training,and to study
the project for the construction of platform. Perfect professional discipline,discipline teaching method and the coordination of education science and culture in the process of practice teaching.

Conclusions:Practice teaching is the core of the "outstanding talent cultivation plan", is the key to innovative talent training. Sports practice teaching is the outstanding students
special ability at the same time focus on cultivating the ability to solve the problem of sports teaching, is an effective way to cultivate applied talents with innovation and competitiveness.

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