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Russian Sports Complex Ready for Labour and Defense and Preparing for its Implementation.

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Sport pedagogy

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Presenter Zinaida Kuznetsova, Doctor of Education, Professor - Nabereznochelninsky State Pedagogical University (Physical Education and Sport) - RU
Alexandre Kuznetsov, Doctor of Education, Professor - Nabereznochelninsky State Pedagogical University (Physical Education and Sport) - RU
Marsel Khamitov, post graduate student - Nabereznochelninsky State Pedagogical University (Physical Education and Sport) - RU

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 18        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Zinaida Kuznetsova

Abstract Resume

Background: The article contains the results of a study aimed at analysis of the All-Russian sports complex RLD (hereinafter - Ready for Labour and Defense (RLD)). Despite the fact
that the RLD complex has been simplified in the implementation than in the Soviet Union, the complex steps remain unaffordable for many schoolchildren. Therefore, we developed a model of 13-15 years
old boys training to pass stage IV RLD.
Research methods. Theoretical analysis and synthesis of the scientific literature, legal and education records, testing the level modeling method preparedness of school children.
Materials. This article describes a model developed for training school children to pass the stage IV RLD. The model is based on systematic use of the conjugate circuit training exercises method.
Results. Complex "Ready for work and defense" of the USSR, existed from 1931 to 1991 and is a program of sports training in general education, professional and sports organizations, covering the
population aged 10 to 60 years. In 2014, Russian President Putin signed a decree on the return of the system "Ready for Labor and Defense". The rules, as compared with the Soviet, have 300 changes, it
was decided to establish  11 degrees from 6 to 70 years of age or older, three insignia - silver, gold and bronze. Development of the state physical demands to the population  preparedness of the
Russian Federation carried out in two phases: the first (2014) conducted research in 10 regions of Russia, aimed at justifying kinds of tests and regulations I-VI levels, for students aged 6 to 24
years . In the second (2015) similar studies in 21 regions of the country were carried out, according to the justification of VI-XI levels of the population 25-70 years of age and older. One of the
main reasons for failure of the Complex to a mark of distinction is the fact that the proposed requirements to implement State RLD are not itemized in the program-methodical recommendations
preparation for the implementation of these steps. Therefore, we developed a model of training school children to pass the stage IV RLD. Constructing the content of our model of impellent qualities by
perfection circuit training method is based on well-defined conceptual framework, it is determined by the relevance of this model, its goals and objectives, purpose, especially the contingent selected
type of test (tests) for the session, selection of appropriate exercises, the main innovation, additions and the reasons causing these changes. The scientific significance of the work due to the fact
that the scientific results of research will complement the theory and practice of physical education in terms of organization and methods of classes with school children on training and delivery
standards of stage IV RLD.
Conclusion. At this time, under the phased implementation RLD we made the correction and approbation of the developed method training of 13-15 years old boys to pass stage IV RLD on a mark of
distinction. It carries out scientific-methodical, legal, practice-tested and information and technological support of developed innovative provisions.

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