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Sport history

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Oral presentation

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Vera Regina Toledo Camargo - UNICAMP / UFGD (Laboratorio de estudos avançados em jornalismo) - BR
Presenter Maria Beatriz Rocha Ferreira - UFGD (Education) - BR
Deoclecio Rocco Gruppi - UNICENTRO (Physical Education) - BR

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Room: Mercúrio        Date: 3 September        Time: 12:30:00        Presenter: Maria Beatriz Ferreira

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Background:The context of the Intercultural Indigenous Peoples’ Games is an actual and complex phenomenon. Several ethnic groups get together for a large cultural and sportive
celebration held in the cities. They perform their traditional games, sacred rituals, dances, songs and crafts fair. The goal of this paper was to strengthen and empower the indigenous games movement
through the media and scientific dissemination.

Methods:The research was done by Labjor-NUDECRI / Unicamp, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the former Laboratory of Anthropology Bio-Cultural-FEF-Unicamp. The memory of the
games was registered through the photos of the games, interviews, analyses of newspapers, and publications.

The production of 03 videos, with support and implementation of TV Unicamp (University of Campinas Channel), a photography database of the games, a website of the project and a printed and e-book were
done. The results represent the games as a movement initiated by the indigenous leaders Marcos and Carlos Terena in 1986, with the support of the government and non-governmental entities in Brazil.
The information illustrate the richness cultural that exists in the indigenous games, combined with their cultural and physical diversity of each ethnical group.

The disclosure of the information helped to strength the identity of the groups through the media. The information is accessible to different people such as indigenous groups, researchers, students
and general public. The meaning and the portray of the different cultural aspects of the games were important to enhance and exchange experiences between the indigenous peoples themselves and the

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