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A Study of the Transitional Development of China’s Physical Education Majors from the Perspective of “New Normal State”

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Sport pedagogy

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Presenter zhijun yang - Shangqiu normal university (Insitition of physicial Education) - CN
zhijun yang - Shangqiu normal university (Institute of Physicial Education) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 8        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: zhi jun yang

Abstract Resume

Background:In 2014, Chinese president Xi Jinping proposed the term “new normal state”, which promotes the inclusive growth of China physical education and the transitional development
of colleges. To make local colleges physical education serve local economic growth, to make colleges physical education meet the need of physical education culture diversity.To implement The Outline
of China’s Middle and Long Term Education and Development (2012-2020), the Education Ministry promulgated The Directing Suggestions for Universities Transitional Development in 2014.

This study is conducted by the methods of documentation, questionnaire survey, field research, and mathematical statistics. And SPSS is used to analyze the influencing factors.

Results:Three components are selected after the 17 influencing factors are analyzed. The first component, connected with majors, courses, textbooks, teaching methods and training
plan, is called teaching factor; The second component, connected with leaders’ developing concepts, leaders’ lack of originality, education policy and social environment, is called policy factor; The
third component, connected with education funds, educational facilities, students and teachers’ enthusiasm, and employment rate, is called school internal factor. The teaching factor refers to the
fact that physical education majors are organized unreasonably without regard to market need, and that out-of-date textbooks cannot attract the interests of students. The policy factor lies in the
fact that the teaching concepts and original thoughts of leaders should be combined with education development plan and with the reality of the region so as to emancipate thought. The internal factor
refers to the small outlay on physical education due to the lack of funds, poor teaching facilities and students’ low enthusiasm influenced by social mood low employment.

Conclusions:The elements influencing the major transition of colleges’ physical education are teaching factor, policy factor, and school internal factor. The backward training
objective, major setup and courses cannot keep up with the flow of the times and cannot meet the need of the market. Colleges physical education develops blindfold. Students trained with poor
practical abilities cannot fit society, economy and physical education culture. Leaders of colleges physical education cannot carry out education and teaching policy completely and they adopt a
perfunctory attitude to national evaluation. So, the transition of physical education is urgent and unavoidable. A new training plan should be made to develop physical education talents for society.
Colleges should cooperate with firms, governments and other universities. Teaching methods should be reformed. Teachers should be trained frequently and the training of teachers with double
certificates should be intensified. Core teachers are to be appointed to go out for further education. And the evaluation system incentive mechanism of teachers should be reformed so as to stimulate
their enthusiasm in talents training.

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