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Analysis of the tracking test result of the basic physical quality of the heavy athletics in Shenzhen Sports School

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Physical activity and health

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Presenter She Junbiao - Shenzhen Sports of School (Research Institute of Physical Culture) - CN
Dai Yixin - Shenzhen Sports of School (Research Institute of Physical Culture) - CN
Zen Guangping - Shenzhen Sports of School (Research Institute of Physical Culture) - CN
Chen Zhiqing - Shenzhen Sports of Schoo (Research Institute of Physical Culture) - CN
WangHong - Shenzhen Sports of School (Research Institute of Physical Culture) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Yellow - 25        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: she junbiao

Abstract Resume

Background:We track observation is in the physical growth of school sports heavy athletics athletes physical quality of the changes in the characteristics of the training year growth.
And control of the score standard of middle school students sports test and middle school students score.
Methods:According to the characteristics of the basic quality of the body and with reference to the National Youth Olympic projects, the syllabus and athletes selecting criteria,
determine the 100 meters, 800 meters, standing long jump,30 seconds push-ups and 30 seconds sit-ups of the five basic physical test content for athletes, a total of four times of Shenzhen Sports
School students were tested. This research specially chose school heavy athletics sports: wrestling, judo, taekwondo and boxing, four teams of male and female athletes as the research object, athletes
born age 1998 years, the number of the teams were at about 20 people, statistical analysis of the results and the test scores compared with the same years of Shenzhen ordinary middle school mid-term
exam sports the same exam content of scoring criteria.
Results:1.Except push-ups a test project, the project teams has a significant difference the other four physical quality test results are close to, sports men and women players in the
physical quality of 100 meters,800 meters, standing long jump,30’s sit-ups test score four times two years on average, the result is:100 meters(in seconds):men’s 13”84±2”12,women’s 15”58±4”14;800
meters(minutes):men’s 2’35”±15”.women’s 2’58”±25”;standing long jump:men’s 226.3±12.5(cm),women’s 226.3±12.5(cm);30 seconds sit-ups:men’s 31.9±5(times),women’s 32.6±5(times).2.Push-ups test score is
between the project team of wrestling and judo, and  taekwondo and boxing team test result is very close, respectively will be combined into a set of wrestling and judo, taekwondo and boxing push-ups
as a set on average,30 seconds push-ups four times two years test grade point average(time):men’s: wrestling and judo:50.3±8.5 times, taekwondo and boxing:43.6±6.3 times, women’s: wrestling and judo:
45.7±7.5 times, taekwondo  and boxing:32.4±5.3 times.3.Shenzhen ordinary middle school mid-term exam sports in junior high school students choose exam content and the same in the present study,800
meters, standing long jump, sit-ups, the control standard of examination scores of the three scores is at 100 ponits,75 points,100 points or so
Conclusion: 1.Wrestling, judo, taekwondo, boxing four heavy sports men and women players of the five basic physical quality tests in addition to the push-ups are different, the other
four 100 meters, 800 meters, standing long jump, 30 seconds of sit-ups test scores were similar, wrestling and judo team athletes both men and women, push-ups scores were significantly better than the
taekwondo and boxing team. 2. Four heavy athletics athletes in four times two years of physical fitness test results are close, improvements that athletes’ physical qualities are not very obvious. 3.
The same Basic physical of Shenzhen Sports School heavy athletics athletes and ordinary high school students in Shenzhen.

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