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Abstract Title

Black Friends’ Basketball Practice Use Case: Stimulating A Lifelong And Inclusive Education Journey In A Community In The City Of Sâo Paulo

Abstract Theme

Sport eligibility and inclusion

Type Presentation

Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter Jorge Ferreira Franco - PMSP (Secretaria de Educação) - BR

Presentation Details

Room: Marte        Date: 2 September        Time: 14:40:00        Presenter: Jorge Fanco

Abstract Resume

Friendship and basketball have stimulated a lifelong inclusive and educational journey in a community in the city of São Paulo. This Journey is related an ordinary community group called “Black
Friends”, composed by young black men from the suburbs of the city. Inspired by important basketball teams from United States of America and Brazil, the Black Friends practiced basketball in the
decades of 1980, 1990, and 2000 as a way of doing sports and informally as well as formally integrating themselves in the society. For instance, through playing basketball for diverse city clubs and
some of them getting a university’s scholarship, which would bring about stimulating individuals’ lifelong learning and knowledge sharing attitudes.

In this work, it is presented a use case related to the Black Friends’ activities features referent to friendship, sports practice and implementation of a growing philosophy referent to spreading
informal reflective, interactive, transdisciplinary knowledge based development talks and collaborative actions.

Across the years, Black Friends’ talks, reflective thinking and actions have brought about a legacy related to inspiring young people from the suburbs of the city to become basketball practitioners.
Fortunately, this legacy has gone beyond that. Due to informal and formal interactive knowledge spreading, similar to some of the eighties, nineties and twenties Black Friends’ trajectories, new
generations of young people have become lifelong learners and professionals in diverse fields such as education, information technology and public services ones. The current actuation of the Black
Friends as volunteers’ citizens for developing and supporting informal sports and educational projects and as professionals in the field of education has enhanced both philosophy and legacy.


Therefore, impacts of Black Friends’ acts in society have supported the idea of keeping an informal, however, inclusive work to secure public engagement by young people and ordinary members of our
communities. This kind of inclusive and engaging work can contribute to inspire policy makers thinking about how to addressing lifelong educational projects related to using better cities’ public
spaces resources such as school courts and yards, including parks. It is thought that through joining appropriate public and private sectors human and technical resources public spaces can be used to
present and engage young children in diverse sports, bring about a culture of stimulating future adult citizens to be able to take care of their lives and the city spaces with much more care.

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