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The effects of low level lasertherapy on the fatigue levels in male soccer players

Abstract Theme

Sport medicine and injury prevention

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Abstract Authors

Felipe Guilherme Leite de Campos - State University of São Paulo (Department of Physical Therapy) - BR
Ana Claudia Muniz Renno - Federal University of São Paulo (Department of Human Movement Science) - BR
Maira Cursino - State University of São Paulo (Department of Physical Therapy) - BR
Juliana Lôbo Froio - State University of São Paulo (Department of Physical Therapy) - BR
Eduardo Federighi Baisi Chagas - University of Marilia (Department of Physical Education) - BR
Renata Lumena Altruda Pucci - State University of São Paulo (Department of Physical Therapy) - BR
Presenter Cristiane Rodrigues Pedroni - State University of São Paulo (Department of Physical Therapy) - BR

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Black - 17        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: CRISTIANE PEDRONI

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Background: Investigate the acute effect of low level laser therapy in strength and muscle fatigue in men’s soccer athletes. Methods: Participated 21 athletes,
divided into 2 groups: group treated with placebo laser irradiation (n = 9) and group treated with active laser irradiation (n = 11). For the analysis of muscle fatigue surface electromyography (EMG)
of the rectus femoris muscle was performed, during two maximal voluntary isometric contractions (MVIC) with a load cell coupled to leg extension. After, the athletes performed a fatigue protocol,
followed by laser application. Finally, participants were again subjected to the same initial tests. The paired t test and Wilcoxon test was used to verify the effect of laser therapy , and ANOVA for
repeated measures to observe the behavior of the median frequency. Results: There was a significant decrease in muscle strength in the placebo group (p=0,04) during MVIC 30 seconds
after irradiation; significant increase in the MF in the group irradiated during the MVIC 5 seconds after application (p=0,02). Analyzing MF in the 30 seconds MVIC, higher values were observed in the
irradiated group, with significant difference (p<0,05) between values of the second and third window pre and post-irradiation, with a less marked increase compared to the placebo group.
Conclusions: The low level laser therapy attenuated the decrease in muscle strength and reduce fatigue process due to the effort.

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