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Changing the Organizational Climate through Communication Management in Company Active in the Leisure Market

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Governance and policy

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Presenter Gustavo Henrique Prevatto Zani - SESC SP (Sports Core) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Blue - 10        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: GUSTAVO ZANI

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Background: Among the various tools for desktop analysis and employee satisfaction is organizational climate survey. The professional in your workplace seeks satisfaction of their
professional and personal expectations, and the extent of satisfaction is linked to the importance the company gives to the management of its human resources. Among the various tools to reach
satisfaction is effective communication between team members in the face of diversity it presents.
This research is related to the impact of how the communication management of a team can be effective to maintain a good working environment and employee satisfaction. Based on the presented problem,
the objective of this study is to compare the impact of the systematic implementation of communication management in company active in the leisure, aimed at improving the working environment by
identifying and monitoring employee perceptions about the researched topics and support the decision making of the team leaders.

Methods: The methodology used in this study is qualitative and quantitative, focusing on case study of exploratory and descriptive. It designed a questionnaire consisting of eleven
closed questions, multiple choice, structured in three pages named "Desktop", "Communication" and "Basic Information". The questionnaire applied to physical education teachers who work at the Sports
Core Team leisure field, responsible for the development of sports physical activities of the Social Service of Commerce - SESC Belenzinho Operation, located in São Paulo-SP. The evaluation results
were compiled and presented to the leadership team to structure the communication plan to improve the working environment. The communication plan went into effect from January 2015, lasted twelve
months and addressed the improvement of control information for courses and institutional training, meeting format, reducing the use of emails and information about individual performances .

Results: Among the universe of participants was small turnover, with little change in working time percentage in Belenzinho operating unit and number of units already worked. As for
the knowledge of the team's goals there was an increase in the percentage of teachers who would not know tells them. Communications between the various levels after the implementation of the
communication plan had a significant increase in regular and good reviews, especially the increase of over 50% in good ratings communication between teachers and trainees. Teachers, according to the
survey, feel more freedom to suggest process improvements, and also feel more recognized for their work.

Conclusions: In conclusion, it is essential that companies systematically and periodically make analysis of the organizational climate. It is also important to make the employees
aware of its importance this tool aimed significant impact in the medium and long term, impacting even the organizational culture. This information collected provide input for constant updating of a
communication plan and consequently the management of critical points, demonstrating concern for the future and the aspirations of its employees.

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