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Technical actions of a professional goalkeeper during the soccer championship in Brazil

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Elite performance

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Vinícius Nagy Soares - Unicamp (Gepen) - BR
Jordano Tramontina Bergonsi - Unicamp (GEPEN) - BR
Presenter João Guilherme Cren Chiminazzo - Unicamp (Sports Science) - BR
Paula Teixeira Ferrnandes - Unicamp (Sports Science) - BR

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): White - 3        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: João Chiminazzo

Abstract Resume

Background:Although notable advances in exercise physiology, medicine, sports psychology and related areas, there are still issues to be improved, especially regarding the
goalkeeper’s athletic preparation. The scarcity of experimental studies focused on the analysis of a trader during the game, which makes the training, often are not guided by scientific references. In
order to contribute in a qualitative way with this issue, this study aimed to quantify the technical actions expressed by a goalkeeper during a competition, comparing the situations  of home and

Methods:20 games of one team of São Paulo, SP, Brazil, were analyzed and data were collect to a specific worksheet: all defensive and offensive techniques actions, correlating them
with the exact set time in which they occurred.

Results:It showed 650 technical actions, of which 385 were offensive; from the defensive technical, there was a higher incidence of 'anticipations' and defenses of 'crossovers', while
in the offensive part, the prevalence was actions taken with the feet; it was observed that the final ten matches goalkeeper had higher amount of technical activities (344 to 306) and that the home
situation, there was a higher incidence of offensive technical activities (203 home and 182 visitors) while when visiting the predominance was defensive technical actions (141 visitors and 124 home).

Conclusions: was concluded that the circumstantial features and feature sets, so there is great variability as regards the amount and type of technical actions. The goalkeeper is more
required in the final minutes of the game and, in view of the divergence between what is seen in training and the specific nature of the game, you should rethink the contents of the training in order
to bring them closer to the requirements of the game. Finally, he raised the hypothesis that the analysis of the techniques of the goalkeeper actions can serve as a parameter for the analysis of team
play model, improving the knowledge and the actions in all areas of sport trainning: physical, psychological , tactical and technical.

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