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Optimization Of Talent Training Mode In Professional Sports CollegeBased on The Collaborative Innovative Theory

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Sport pedagogy

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Presenter Zhoumin Liu - Hunan Agricultural University (School of Sports Art) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 19        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Zhoumin Liu

Abstract Resume

Background:In "collaborative innovation" as the theoretical perspective, to be coordinated "Sports College" and other "Stakeholders", through their "strategy, organization, knowledge
and technology" integration of resources, to achieve Sports College existing talent Training optimization model.
Methods:The talent training mode of 14 sports colleges  taken as the research objects, literature, expert interviews, logical analysis , three combination "education, scientific
research, training" mode of talent training taken as the main line.
Results:1.since the implementation of three combinations, higher sports colleges and universities have made the achievements such as improvement of discipline and major, increase of
competitive level, enhancement of scientific research ability, perfection of textbook construction, and innovation training mode. they are also faced with the plights of reinvention of discipline,
homogeneity of tales, social disjoint of talent cultivation.
2. Sports College Personnel Training Mode optimization theory under consideration Collaborative Innovation Horizon: ①the essence of collaborative innovation mode of three combined talent training is
the perfection, development, and enhancement on the mode of three combined talent training.②The former highlights the characteristics of unification between education and development, cooperation
between education, researching and training, and cooperation of talent cultivation between high-level sports talents and other special sports talents.③the related subjects of collaborative innovation
mode of three combined talent training include: comprehensive, normal sports departments, sports scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions, international sports physical education
④Government organizations, financial institutions, legal institutions, sports intermediary organizations provide policy, financial, legal and technical support for collaborative innovation.
3. The specific optimization measures include: the construction of specialty group and brand specialty through "professional warning and adjustment plan", "academic revitalization plan"; optimization
of specialty structure through adjusting the development scale of main specialty, derived specialty and related specialty; optimization of training standard through distinguishing between style of
academy, compound and application; optimization of courses through the cooperation media between universities and institutions, universities and enterprises, universities and colleges; optimization of
sports talent cultivation mode through  "Double Tutorial System", "cooperative cultivation", "orders type training".4.Sports College Personnel Training Mode Optimization Strategies: establish
collaborative innovation philosophy of education, the reform of institutional mechanisms, relying on government support, and the creation of innovative platform, optimize the structure of teachers,
the establishment of evaluation standards.
Conclusions:Under the new situation of "collaborative innovation", the institutions of higher sports colleges and universities should set off a new round of reform and development.

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