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Research On the Communication and Integration of Olympic Movement and Traditional Sports Culture In Chinese

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Sport sociology

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Tian zu guo - Hu nan university (P.E department) - CN

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Room: Terra        Date: 4 September        Time: 17:00:00        Presenter: Zuguo TIAN

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Background:Modern Olympic Games after a hundred years of development has become the world sports culture mainstream culture, people and nations become display their cultural,
political, economic, science and technology of three-dimensional window in the history of human civilization have a broad and far-reaching impact significance. This study was to analyze the exchange
and integration of the Olympic Movement and Chinese traditional sports culture, explore commonalities and differences between the Olympic Movement and Chinese traditional sports culture, provide a
reference for the future prosperity and development of world sport
Methods:the use of literature, comparative analysis, expert interviews, logical reasoning and other research methods, analysis and study of the Olympic movement and sports exchange
and integration of traditional Chinese culture, similarities and differences
Results:1.Not only the Olympic world people of all nationalities gathered in a large family, but also the sports world many peoples absorbed into the Olympics. Reflect the man and
himself, with opponents and fight nature, showing human development, progress, and create the future beyond the reality of fighting spirit, fighting to realize the value of life philosophy.2. Chinese
traditional sport even more attention to their own physical movement to show the skills to guide people to achieve mental and physical double sublimation in motion. Chinese traditional sport and the
Olympic movement both in common, they have their own personality. Chinese traditional sports culture emphasizes ceremonial, performative and sexual health, the pursuit of perfect mental and physical
unity. In pursuit of an individual harmony, interpersonal harmony, harmony between heaven realm.3.Compared to just over a hundred years of history of the Olympic Games, China has a long history of
traditional sports, many projects. By sixty kinds of Chinese traditional sport analysis, we found that most official events of the modern Olympic movement, its form of exercise can be found in the
origin of Chinese traditional sports.4. The Chinese traditional sport gradually identity, assimilation, technology and methods of the Olympic movement, in the past fifty years, China has basically
completed the construction of modern sports system
Conclusions:1.There are many similarities between the two sports Chinese traditional sports culture and Olympic.2.The Olympic Games are a common value system of the world, is the
inevitable continuation of China's reform and opening policy, is a sign of China into the international community. Chinese thought of the people and the concept of peace and harmony and common
prosperity of Olympism.3.The future should be the value orientation of the development of modern Olympic Movement and Chinese traditional sports culture, future-oriented, creative and learn from each
other to absorb, based on the age of the field of view of both the lack of self-conscious reflection and criticism, beyond the traditional construct a thinking new world sports culture system.

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