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GENERAL GYMNASTICS FOR OLD: a possibility of sporting practice in the aging

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Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Brown - 2        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: CARLA SILVA

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Background: The Program Sesc of Sports has been proposed it how will make possible the education through the sport and for the sport through a pleasurable stimulus for the conquest of
the physical autonomy, the improvement of the quality of life and the apprenticeship of new skills and physical expressions. The program is divided by age groups: Child sport from 3 to 6 years and
from 6 to 10 years; Young sport from 11 to 12 years and from 13 to 15 years; Adult Sport from 16 to 59 years; and Sport for Old above 60 years.
Among the courses offered in Sesc Belenzinho it is the Course of General Gymnastics for Old what is free, it happens two times in a week, with duration of the meetings of one hour and thirty minutes
and the group is composed by 30 integrants, being a 90 % of women and 10 % of men. The course has as I aim to develop different demonstrations of the physical culture of movement (gymnastics, sport,
dance, struggle, play), through experimentations and physical activities.
Methods: Because of being treated as a report of experience, the methodology used in this study is based on the registers of the meetings and presentations carried out by the group.
The classrooms look for the process of ressignification of the sport in the leisure with the intention of making easy the practice, to be adapted to the necessities, means and objectives of the
wrapped ones.
Results: In this work, from the experience of the meetings with the group of General Gymnastics for Old of Sesc Belenzinho, it will be done a reflection around as the general
gymnastics can be a possibility of sporting practice during the aging of critical, autonomous and creative form, and as this happened in the process of the classrooms, tests and presentations. The
content of the course is ruled by the concept of the General Gymnastics that allows the participation of all the persons, independently of type, social class or technical conditions. Consolidating the
work in group appears the choreographic process what is composed by preparation, composition and tests, and by end, the presentation. The preparation and choreographic composition are composed by all
the old ones of the group, through the creativity, previous experiences and of the different skills levels motors. The tests are basic to create sense of responsibility, besides the critical and
reflexive participation in the group. The choreography is presented in several festivals in the city of Sao Paulo (capital and interior), and that is very important, since it reinforces the
independence and the autonomy of the old ones.
Conclusions: Through the practice of the General Gymnastics, we can detach some of his benefits like: social participation, cultural updating, aims at autonomy and physical
independence, at exchange of knowledges and experiences, improvement in the interpersonal relations, stimulus to the creativity, I stimulate the regular practice of physical activities, finally, aging
with more life quality, making the most light and significant longevity.

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