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The Physiological and Biochemistry Indicators’ Evaluation of Chinese National Canoeing Team

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Elite performance

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Shen Lifen - Wuhan Technology and Business University (Sports Department) - CN
Yu Yin - Wuhan Sports University (Hubei Sports and Health Research Center) - CN

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Room: Urano        Date: 4 September        Time: 18:00:00        Presenter: Shen Lifen

Abstract Resume

This research is based on the changes of biochemical indicators of four periods: pre-training, while-training, race and plateau for China's national canoeing team, meanwhile, they will have effective
monitoring. The results show: the blood urea (BUN), serum testosterone (T) and cortisol (C), hemoglobin (HB), Serum creatine kinase (CK), and other indicators can effectively reflect the reality of
the functional status athletes. Besides, CK and T reflect the most sensitive in training and competition. In addition, through the study, we established a single biochemical index evaluation standard
and evaluation standard. The level of evaluation standard is simple and is easy to use. It also can be used into training and monitoring for the national team in a certain period of time.

The literature material method, experimental method, mathematical statistics method

During the detection, test indexes such as CK, BUN and T show the characteristics of the discrete are in a large degree, especially the BUN variation coefficient of 45.15%, which should take
individual differences into consideration. By testing, national team athletes HB values is between 13.22 ~ 16.5 g/dL, altitude training phase, HB maintained at a value between 15.04 ~ 15.28 g/dL , T,
C and T/C is relatively stable, Only one athlete shows low serum testosterone, indicates that the athlete may have accumulated fatigue, should adjust. Above the five indicators, MCH, RDW, SF, all at a
normal level, only MCV, MCHC in altitude training phase 1 slightly out of the normal range. Comprehensively, the athletes are overall in good condition.

In order to determine the reasonable training goal and the corresponding training plan, before training, athletes should have a comprehensive functional testing, coaches and athletes can pass this
topic to establish the level of biochemical indicators evaluation criteria to evaluate athletes in individual or comprehensive evaluation, and know the athlete's individual indicators or the overall
state of reality. In the longer term, the coaches should fully know the function characteristics of athletes, and deal with the relationship between fatigue and recovery after the game timely and
reasonably. And ensure the recovery of body function status before the game. The biochemical indicators show that the characteristics of discrete degree is high, in the real status of athletes by
biochemical indexes evaluation should be fully considered when there are some differences between athletes. For a long time of training and competition, athletes can establish personal files, fully
understand the function of athletes in a relatively long period of time, and pay attention to the longitudinal comparison, so that we can make accurate and rational judgments for the functional

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