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News Resources Mining Strategy of Large Scale Sports Events

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

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Presenter TAO YE - WUHAN SPORTS UNIVERSITY (Shool of journalism and communication) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 17        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: TAO YE

Abstract Resume

With the development of global economy and the advancements of modern Olympic Games, sports events are becoming of increasingly widespread concern. Large-scale sports events have also became an
important channel for media production. In our country, rapid development of sports causes the sports media industry to gradually become a significant sub-industry. At the same time, media’s rising
influence could also be the core driving force to boost the sports industry. Moreover, the intensive competition of different media and, most importantly, the rapid development of network science and
technology lead to a big change in the structure of media industry as a whole.

Literature review method, Case study

1. Sources of news are keys to the news production and media development. 
2. Several characteristics of such events (including its enormous scale, the long preparing period, the complex organization and the widespread audience) implies that the news resources and, in
particular, the hidden resources generated could be extremely abundant.

Regarding the methods of mining the abundance of news resources, there are three following ways in general.  
Firstly, start from focusing on the existing dominant news and then dig deeper, scour for multiple times to find out the associated press. E.g., an athlete’s injury can be expanded to therapy and
Secondly, starting from the time dimension, we can carry out a long-term tracking and inspection. e.g., track a stadium’s pre-game construction, game-time usage, as well as post-game maintenance and
social usages. Thirdly, from one single point to a wide-spread of its surrounding news press. e.g. an athlete who had won a gold medal can be traced back to his training process, personal experience,
technical backup, family environment, advertising sponsorship and so on.

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