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Abstract Title

Physical and Recreational Activities for Persons with Disabilities.Assessment Project Implementation Accessible Sports. Secretary of Sports, Municipality of Puerto Madryn. Chubut. Argentina

Abstract Theme

Sport eligibility and inclusion

Type Presentation

Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter Andrea Elizabeth Kaiser - Secretary of Sports, Municipality of Puerto Madryn (Accessible Sport) - AR

Presentation Details

Room: Marte        Date: 2 September        Time: 14:20:00        Presenter: Andrea Kaiser

Abstract Resume

This study describes specific aspects of the organization of the first edition of the project “Accessible Sport”, carried out in 2012, included in the program of physical and recreational activity
proposed by the Secretary of Sports of the municipality of Puerto Madryn, in the province of Chubut, Argentina.
Specifies the overall project organization listing the workshops of physical activity and recreation initially were offered. Part of sports activities proposed are included within the adapted sports,
being specifically arranged for people with disabilities. We can quote Torball, Chess, Games & Recreation, Ping Pong, Swimming, Football, Boccia. Other workshops proposed areas of physical activity
and inclusive sport, Athletics for people with disabilities who are integrated to the municipal athletic school; Aerobics for children and teens with disabilities are integrated into the municipal
school of recreational aerobics.

An evaluative work is implemented with a qualitative methodology for results on the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and to know the coverage that the project had. 
The internal logic of the project is valued: considering their initial planning, rationale, objectives, human and material resources, proposed activities and the results of its implementation.

The study analyzes the relevance of the project, recognizing its ability to resolve the problem of lack of space for physical and recreational activity for people with disabilities.
Determines the degree of effectiveness of the project showing the number of workshops executed as foreseen in the project.
It describes the efficiency of the project, indicating how they have organized and used the available resources in the implementation, comparing the previous cost of the project implementation with
the costs of the project applications costs.
Describe the impact of the project, establishing positive and negative aspects of its implementation, describing the benefits for the people with disabilities who participated in the workshops
proposed and also the problems that have appeared.
It measures the coverage of the project, evaluating how it attracts the target population. Calculating the coverage rate.

The conclusions of this study recognize the results of the implementation of the project, generate useful knowledge for making decision, feedback, improving management and achievement of the
objectives of the project in subsequent editions, with important contributions that have been considered in the current implementation Accessible Sports Project 2016.

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