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Accessibility and Inclusion in Sport Participation: the Experience with the "Manual of Practical Actions" of Sesc São Paulo

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Sport eligibility and inclusion

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Presenter Ana Paula Martins Vicentin - Sesc SP (Sports Physical Development) - BR
Luciana Itapema Alves Melher - Sesc SP ( Sports Physical Development) - BR
Regiane Galante - Sesc SP (Sports Physical Development) - BR
Paulo Verardi - Sesc SP (Sports Physical Development) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Purple - 7        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: ana paula vicentin

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The Social Service of Commerce (Sesc) is a private, nonprofit, nationwide Institution, created in 1946 by initiative of trade and service entrepreneurs, which joined together to seek an alternative to
support the improvement of the quality of life and social welfare. Currently Sesc in São Paulo State has 36 Operational Units, mostly sports and cultural centers, which offer to the community cultural
action committed to the democratization of access and performance based on values such as: people´s appreciation, the perception of the other and cultural, educational and social development, through
programs and projects in the areas of Education, Culture, Health, Leisure and Social Assistance. The Physical and Sportive Development is comprised in the area of Leisure and deals with the process of
permanent and non-formal education aiming at expanding experiences related to sports and physical activities, while seeking to raise awareness on the importance of the continuity of such practices in
everyday life to improve the quality of life and well-being. Within this context, one of the institutional guidelines is the full inclusion of Persons with Disabilities and Accessibility. This task
requires dedication of Sesc staff in the pursuit of creating possibilities for a better enjoyment of equipment, as well as the incentive to try other experiences and relationships, providing moments
of encounter with the unpredictable and exchanges by social conviviality. Among the actions already carried out, we remark the publication "Handbook of Practical Actions – the attendance of persons
with disabilities in physical and sports practice" which guides the plan and methods to be adopted, so people with disabilities can, in fact, take part of regular sports and physical activities. We
identified that the directive together with the publication headed to some progresses, such as i) establishment of partnerships with institutions that access the sports facilities for tournaments and
activities;  government partnerships such as the  São Paulo City Hall; ii) production of knowledge and technical improvement, by organizing seminars and symposia - Symposium of Adapted Physical
Activity; Seminar of  Inclusive, Partaking and Leisure Sports, among others; iii) conducting training and constant updating of the technical teams working in the area, as well as in the context of
attendance, fundamental action to ensure accessibility; iv) in addition to the mentioned topics, when considering the physical activity and sport participation, Sesc SP registers a growing number of
participants with disabilities, that daily practice activities with professional guidance – amongst the 62 thousand students of the regular courses. In this scenario, as one of the prior commitments
of the Institution, the work reported in the field of Inclusion through Sport and Physical Activity, has been identified as means for the development of citizenship, by allowing the access to groups
with specific needs, the creation of possibilities to broaden the perception of the other and the respect for diversity as well as expanding the view of the potentials found in living with

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