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Press Operations Before and During International Games Hosted by China

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

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Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter AI Xianfeng - Wuhan Sport University (School of International Education) - CN

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Room: Merc├║rio        Date: 1 September        Time: 10:20:00        Presenter: Xianfeng AI

Abstract Resume

China has hosted over ten international sport games since 2008, including the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and the 2nd Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing in 2014. Press operations have become
a very important measurement in judging and promoting the success of each of the international sport games held in China and helped to make the host cities known to the world. Based on the actual
participation in the press operations and investigation, this paper attempts to probe into the press operations of the international sport games held in China with the hope of offering ideas for
further improvement in the future press operations.

    Documentation method, experts interview and field survey 

1.The preparation work for the press operations started much earlier than the actual beginning of the games without the participation of the experts and their guidance, leading to a lot of
mistakes in the layout of venues and loss in the reconstruction of the venues.
2. Bureaucracy in the leadership of organization committee resulted in misunderstanding the nature of press operations and misconducts in the preparation stage work. Lack of cooperation between
the different sections slowed down the work pace; inefficiency marked the earlier phase of preparation.
3. Much more emphasis has been given to sticking to the press working condition requirements and service policy set forth in the Technical Manual without showing necessary reconciliation in
allocating resources according to the actual conditions of the venues to meet the needs of different media.

1. The organization committee of the games should invite the experts on press operations both at home and abroad to participate in the preparation work as early as possible to make the venue
design and the construction of venues more scientific and people oriented . Professional work should be done by professional experts .
2. Officials involved in the leadership of press operations are supposed to receive the necessary training to acquire sufficient knowledge on it to avoid bureaucratic work style and become better
informed leaders.
3.More investigation should be conducted before decision making. The implementation of the terms and service polices set forth in the Technical Manual should take into consideration the specific
condition of the venues so as to optimize the allocation of resources and best serve the needs of different media.
4. With more and more international sport games being held in China, more attention should be given to developing inter-disciplinary talents in people who are equipped with the knowledge about
sports, communications, the needs of journalists, venue operation and sport industry and have good English proficiency and international vision. Inter-cultural communication competence and good
coordination ability are also important in qualifying for coping with the press operations work.


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