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Functional movement screening of applied research in Chinese youth team

Abstract Theme

Sport development

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Abstract Authors

Presenter Tongyang Gao - Wuhan Sports University (Research Center Of Sports And Health) - CN
Ying Yu - Wuhan Sports University (Research Center Of Sports And Health) - CN
Yunfeng Kong - Wuhan Sports University (Research Center Of Sports And Health) - CN
Haozhe Jia - Wuhan Sports University (Research Center Of Sports And Health) - CN
Ye Chen - Wuhan Sports University (Research Center Of Sports And Health) - CN

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 16        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Tongyang Gao

Abstract Resume

Background:Functional movement screening can detect the status of the adolescent athletes’ flexibility and balance. Canoeing on speed,strength, endurance and stability requirement is
very high.Through the FMS can  find if it has the hidden danger of injuries.To prepare for Tokyo Olympic Games better and give provide data and theoretical support.

Methods:Experimental method, expert interview method.

Results:As well known, if the screening score is lower than 14 points in the world,  the athletes will not join the training.There are 12 athletes’ score are lower than 14 points,it
is 14% of the total.However,there are 86% of the players scored more than 14 points.Deep Squat test:The average are 2.19 points.Hurdle Step test: Left leg and right leg scored an average are 2.1
points.In-Line Lunge test:2.43 marks left leg,right leg on average 2.39 points.Shoulder Mobility test:2.47 marks left shoulder,right shoulder on average 2.5 points.There is 17 shoulder
injury,accounting for 20% of the total.Active Straight Leg Raise test:2.83 marks left leg,right leg on average 2.88 points.Trunk Stability-Push Up test:An average of 2.02 points.The waist injury of
18,accounting for 21% of the total.Rotary Stability-Quadruped test:2.06 marks left leg,right leg on average 2.08 points.There are five athletes waist injury,6% of the total.

Conclusions:Athletes in the Shoulder Mobility and In-Line Lunge test of asymmetry are most obvious,therefore,the coaches should pay attention to the Shoulder and hip flexibility
training.Male canoeing athletes are in Active Straight legs Raise in the project clearly about the emergence of the imbalance of lower limbs flexibility,therefore,rowing athletes should strengthen the
balanced development of the lower limbs flexibility. Rotary Stability-Quadruped reflects the athletes,Core Strength of lack and imbalance. The main parts of athletes’ injury  are shoulder and waist.
In addition,the athletes’ body rotation stability and control needs to be strengthened.

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