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Research on Development of Students’ Sports Associations in Chinese University Nowadays

Abstract Theme

Sport pedagogy

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Abstract Authors

Presenter Jie Shi - Peking University (Physical Science College) - CN
Guangan Hao - Peking University (Department of Physical Education professor) - CN

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 10        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Jie Shi

Abstract Resume

Background:Students’ sports associations which aim to students’ interests are more popular than traditional P.E. courses. According to real surveys from thirteen students’
associations, the sporting spirits include ideal, justice and freedom have affected all aspects of culture in Chinese universities. Education ideas and methods are promoted by the development of
students’ sports associations.

Methods:literature analysis,interviewing method,case study method.

Results:After extensive reading of relevant literature, the first phase, we selected widely twenty-eight communities as the object of study to preliminary data collection and
analysis. The second phase, according to the factors such as the basis of geographical distribution of universities and the size and level of development, we selected thirteen representative sports
associations to do in-depth analysis. Finally, I summarized four features of the Chinese students’ sports association nowadays. It includes the standardization of the management system, the pluralism
of activities, the diversification of participation,the compaction of contacting teaching. After comparing with different association, I found sports associations of college students a tendency to
polarization. After in-depth study, I find three problems especially in some sports associations which have challenges or troubles. The problems are mixed brand building, inaccurate association
positioning and formidable historical heritage.

Conclusions:To solve the development of undergraduates’ association, I need through the Stakeholder Analysis Theory and Government Theory to confirm the interested parties. It
includes mainly university administration, brothers associations, sponsors and the media. The methods for the development of undergraduates’ sports associations have to base on the interested parties.
Through innovation, marketing and cooperation, association can achieve scientific development goals.

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