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The Current Investigation on Sports Lifestyle of the Elderly in Shanghai and the Study on its Service and Guarantee

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Sun Han - Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Sports Faculty) - CN
Liu Jichao - Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Sports Faculty) - CN

Presentation Details

Room: Terra        Date: 4 September        Time: 17:20:00        Presenter: Sun han

Abstract Resume

Background:In terms of sports, people are often reminded of the competitive sports and school physical education. However, it has entered aging society in China and the situation is
quite severe. It is a long-term, fundamental and comprehensive task to deal with this problem.

Methods:In this essay, people aged 60 or more are studied as the subjects with the methods of literature, questionnaire, logical analysis, mathematical statistics and so on. It serves
to discuss the current situation and existing problems of elderly people's sports life and put forward service strategies concerned in hopes of setting a constructive example for elderly people's
sports life and promoting the development of aged sports.

Results:First, the spending behavior of elderly people and its promotion.
The consumption level in Shanghai elderly people is relatively low and they have accepted the concept of buying health with money.
Second, physical activity pattern and its structure. 
The old people's sports life is centered and the awareness of physical exercise is weak. 
Third, the elderly physical exercise load and its monitoring. 
The form of sports activities in the elderly should be aerobic exercise with low intensity, density and difficulty.
Fourth, the elderly exercise prescription and its formulation.
The items should mainly be ones with low intensity, slow motion.
Fifth, sports competition for the elderly and its organization. 
Competitions should be diverse, interesting, entertaining, relaxing, safe, reliable and simple with little antagonism, intensity and duration.
Sixth, the elderly sports activities and its guidance. 
The awareness of the elderly in Shanghai city is still in the theoretical understanding level, which cannot be put into practice.
Seventh, the risk of physical activity of the elderly and its prevention.
The risk of physical activity increases with age and it is important to protect the elderly when doing sports.

Conclusion: Aged sports mean physical activities specially for elderly people who are involved in directly or indirectly for the purpose of fitness. Organizing sports for elderly
people, promoting their fitness, enriching their spiritual and cultural life are of practical significance for the society and the whole nation.

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