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The Influence of Sport Club Participation on Students’ Practical Professional Skills of Physical Education Related Majors

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Sport pedagogy

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Oral presentation

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Presenter DAIWEISHU - Chengdu Sport University (Journalism Department) - CN

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Room: Urano        Date: 3 September        Time: 11:00:00        Presenter: WEISHU DAI

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The Influence of Sport Club Participation on Students’ Practical Professional Skills of Physical Education Related Majors
Weishu Dai, Chengdu Sport University, China
Background: Practical professional skills refer to the competence of employing learned knowledge and using available resources to solve practical problems. For physical education (PE)
related major students, practical professional skills consist of competence in teaching, refereeing, training, coaching, organizing tournament, and directing outdoor physical activities, as well as
research and application skills. Traditional training of practical professional skills typically relies on classroom education only. However, this was found to be problematic and ineffective.
Therefore, we strategically attacked this problem by involving students in sport clubs to help students to develop practical professional skills at Chengdu Sport University (CSU). The purpose of this
study was to examine the effects of sport club participation on practical professional skills of PE related major students.
Methods: The participants of this study were college students studying PE related majors at CSU in China. Questionnaire survey and field interview methods were used to collect student
club participation and professional performance data. There are a total of 17 sport clubs (i.e. basket club, volleyball club, football club, badminton club etc.) with 2000+ student members. With
institutional approval, a total of 500 questionnaires were randomly sent to CSU students who were studying in a sport related major. Field interview of professional teachers were carried out to
collect information about the influence of sport club participation on students’ learning and professional performance.
Results: The participation rates of freshman, sophomore and junior/Senior students for different majors are: athletic training: 96%, 86%, and 65%; physical education: 94%, 81%, and
57%; sport studies/sport management: 90%, 72%, and 48%; recreational sport: 92%, 79%, and 56%; martial arts and traditional Chinese sport: 89%, 68%, and 52%, respectively. Student performance data
were also collected, the excellence rate for students of club members and non-club members for different majors are: athletic training: 80% and 56%; physical education: 85% and 52%; sport
studies/sport management: 82% and 49%; recreational sport: 84% and 51%; martial arts and traditional Chinese sport: 80% and 50%, respectively. The data indicate that participation rates in clubs
decrease as student’s seniority increase. Compared with those who didn’t participate in sport clubs, those students who did have higher excellence rates of professional performance across all
different PE related majors.
Conclusion: Based on the results and data analysis, it is clear that participation in sport clubs is very beneficial for college students with PE related majors. The participation of
such club activities could: 1). Improve professional learning interest; 2) Enrich learning diversity; 3) Increase learning resources; 4) Improve academic performance; 5) Facilitate skill application
in practical situation.

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