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Research on anatomical features of basketball skills and specific strength training issues

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Sport pedagogy

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Presenter Xueling Zhang - Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University (Sports training department) - CN
Minghai Wang - Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University ( graduate faculty) - CN
Yufei Du - Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University (Sports training department) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 20        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Xueling Zhang

Abstract Resume

Combining the basketball characteristics, this article analyses the anatomy characteristics of basketball skills, on the basis of the Physiological and sports training theory, it analyses the strength
quality and the decisive factor, then, talking about the problem of the special strength training. This article is trying to provide scientific basis for strength training of basketball players.
The basketball movement , in nature , is a kind of accuracy under strong fighting [1]. Such feature makes the physical strength be the foundation of other qualities of basketball players , especially
now days this movement develops toward paying more attention to body strength and coaches regard it as a key . when basketball players training themselves , one of basic principles is identifying with
special power [2], that is to say , when choosing training ways one show have a good knowledge of muscle work as well as operating principle of these muscles , and quantity of motion show be based on
energy-offer pattern and metabolism of muscles , so the relative energy-offer systems will be trained well .


1.Develop maximum strength of muscle
2.Develop fast strength of muscle
 3.Develop muscular endurance
 4.Static exercise
 5.Concentric exercise


1. harder training on fast twitch fibres mainly
2. take more eccentric strength training
3. strength training principles

The core area, the middle segment of a human body, is an entirety formed from waist, pelvis and hip joints. Specially the area above hip joints under shoulder joints includes pelvis. The muscle groups
included are at dorsum, at belly and all the muscle groups instituting the hip joint[8]. The muscle contraction in a player’s core area can create a pivot for the movement of upper and lower limbs and
coordinate them to smash, so as to optimize the producing and passing and controlling of strength[9] . So the core area of a player is the key point to complete the technical movements.
Basketball is a sport event aimed at shooting. It needs the participation of plenty of joints and muscle groups such as the jump-start and emergency stop and the stability of body posture in air and
so on. It requires not only integral control but also precise control of body (the core area) and limbs. In domestic fields of basketball training, people used to put emphasis on limbs but not body
(the core area), especially the strength training of deep small-muscle groups. After long-term intensive training and matches, parts of basketball players’ shoulder, knee and ankle are easy to get
lesions because of excessive burden. After systemic training of core strength, a basketball player

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