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Research on the Biochemical Indexes Variation of Elite Chinese Diving Athletes during the China National Games’ reparation cycle

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Elite performance

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Presenter Ying Chen - Guangdong Provincial Institute of Sports Science (sport nutrition) - CN
Yuan Zhang - Guangdong Provincial Institute of Sports Science (sport nutrition) - CN
Jin-hong Li - Guangdong Sports Technique Collage (sport training) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): White - 2        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: ying chen

Abstract Resume

Background:There were few reports about long-term follow-up monitor and comparative analysis about the variation of one sports team’s biochemical indices. In order to provide a
theoretical foundation for the scientific training and nutrition supporting for different event, gender and level athletes during different years of the China National Games’ cycle, we had four years’
tracing research regarding the Guangdong diving team.

Methods:Subjects included 36 elite diving athletes ( 16 males, 20 females). SPSS17.0 was used to analyse the data of diving athletes’ HB, CK and BUN during the China National Games’

Results: (1) in the National Games year, CK of female athletes was significantly higher than the other years (P<0.001), BUN of male athletes was significant higher than the other
years (P<0.001), HB of male and female athletes were both significantly higher than the other years (P<0.001). (2) HB of platform athletes was significantly lower than springboard athletes both in
male(P<0.01) and female (P<0.01). (3) HB, CK and BUN of 8 male athletes who all achieved the National Diving Championship’s first prizes were all significantly higher than other male athletes

Conclusions:These results indicated that cycle stage, event , gender and level all had  effect on the biochemical indices of diving athletes. In the National Game’s year , BUN might
be more suitable to male athletes as function monitoring index , whereas the changing of CK with training intensity might be more sensitive to female athletes.

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