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The Educational Sport and World Cup in Brazil: Case Report of Project Experience “O Futebol de Todos”

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Sport pedagogy

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Gray - 6        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: FELIPE LUCCHESI

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Background: The Educational Sport has as its Guiding Principles the Integral Formation of the Individual and the Acquisition of Assets for the Construction of Citizenship. Among these
Constituent Guidelines: Cooperation with Joint Efforts, Development of Joint Actions, Solidarity, Understanding and Acceptance of one Another; Participation of Interference in Reality, Transforming
Action of Social Actors, Commitment, Rights and Responsibilities; Coeducation with Reciprocity in Learning, Relevance of Content Already Known Culturally, Reflexive Action and Heterogeneity;
Emancipation for Action in Autonomy, Creativity, Freedom and Critical Discernment, all in Pursuit of Unity, Feelings, Emotions, Intuition, Self-Awareness, Challenge Yourself, to Separate what is
Common or Diverse, beyond the Regionalism that Seeks the Formation of Cultural Citizen on their Identity, the Collective Construction, the Rescue and Preservation. Non-Formal Education Permeates this
Work by Making Use of its Extensive and Flexible Configuration, through Different Methodologies and Guided by the Systemic Playfulness, not Plastered on Predetermined Content, but in its Collective
and Multiple Languages Construction.

Methods: The Project "O Futebol De Todos" Took Place in the First Half of 2014 on the Sesc Curumim Program that Serves 7 To 12 Years Old Children and was Held in the City of
Santos-SP. The Educational Actions Left Issues such as: What is the Game? It is for Everyone? You Can Recreate your Rules? There is Respect and Diversity for this to Occur? Is it for Boys and Girls?
Skilled and Unskilled do not Have the Same Space? What is your Relationship with Other Areas such as Arts, Music And Literature? Such Issues Contributes with Gender Discussion, Heightened Competition,
Concepts such as Fair Play and Others who Were Instrumental to Contextualize the Work and Agenda under the Bias of Inclusion.  Various Educational Methodologies were Used: Group Discussion on the
Subject, Digital Research and Curiosities of the Sport, Presentation of Different Sports in Some Places of the World Like the Amazon Ethnicity Enawene Nawe and Chinlone in Southeast Asia, Creation of
Teams and Art Workshops with Development of Mascots and Shirts Production, Personalized Trading Cards with Images of Children, Choir with Songs that Recall the National Football Team, Diverse Ways of
Practicing Sports such as Cooperative Soccer, Meeting Parents and Children of the Program to Perform Theme Experiences, Production of a Video Discussion with the Children Partaker of the Project as
Protagonists. Thus as the Project Closure a Non-Competitive Festival Involving the Two Period Groups (morning and Afternoon).


Conclusions: The Actions Sought to Resignify the Sport Mega-Event Held in the Country and Bring it under New Perspectives that Deviate Considerably from Sport-Show or Performance –
Producers in Some Cases of Discriminatory and Exclusionary Situations – Aiming the Construction and/or Reconstruction in Social Actors a Sense of Identity with the Most Played Sport in the World.

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