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Sport and quality of life for adolescence and aging

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Presenter zilma nunes ferreira - HCFMUSP (promoção de saude) - BR

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Brown - 4        Date: 3 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: zilma ferreira

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Data from the World Health Organization ( WHO) indicate that chronic non-communicable diseases now account for 58.5 % of all deaths worldwide and 45.9% of the global burden of disease and is a serious
public health problem both in rich countries as in middle and low income, exacerbating inequalities and increasing their poverty. According to the Health Profile of Staff of a separate hospital in São
Paulo, published in 2010, where 70 % of its employees are sedentary, there is a need for programs for prevention and promotion of health of caregivers.

Encourage the practice of healthy habits, noting that with small changes we can keep away from possible health complications. With only 30 minutes walking, three times a week in the complex or on the
way home, we can improve the health of employees.

This group was led by professional physical education and medical care, where employees perform hike since October 2010, at a frequency of three times a week, lasting at least 30 minutes.
Composed of employees of the Hospital das Clinicas Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo -HCFMUSP initially conducted with 18 employees, today there are 21 participants (with the constant
recruitment of new employees).
Are all female, age 27-67 years, which 45% (N = 12) are hypertensive, 15% (N = 4) diabetic, 11% (N = 1) high cholesterol, 7% (N = 2) depression and 22% (N = 6) without chronic diseases.
Some of the participants have more than one non-communicable chronic disease (diabetes and are hypertensive). They came to the project for medical recommendations and others for being overweight,
aiming at reducing them and thus away from problems already known that physical inactivity and overweight may bring.
For three consecutive months was measured systolic blood pressure at the beginning and end of each walking session.

It was proven that the practice of physical activity, even a few times a week at moderate intensity is shown to be beneficial to their fans.

The idea is to expand this project, extend this population of 14 thousand employees, meet a larger group, mobilize the mass, causing physical activity is incorporated into the daily routine of these
employees, thus improving those of quality of life takes care of health of others.

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