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Abstract Title

Media and the female conquest of social recognition through sports

Abstract Theme

Sport sociology

Type Presentation


Abstract Authors

Presenter Marina Gomes - Unicamp (Labjor) - BR
Vera Regina Toledo Camargo - Unicamp (Labjor) - BR

Presentation Details

Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Green - 21        Date: 2 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Marina Gomes

Abstract Resume

It is undeniable the power of the media in reaffirming positions, and this is explicitly noticed in sports. To the women athletes exalted in the news, it is almost always appointed the role of muses.
Their achievements have no prominence; instead, galleries with provocative poses, clothing details, accessories, hair and nails are emphatically featured. What matters is to show their beauty, more
than their talent. It matters less their achievements in the field or court, qualities, efforts, successes. What you see in the media are beautiful bodies parading instead of bodies capable of
impressive feats. They draw attention to the uniform - preferably getting smaller and smaller, as the bikini imposition for beach volleyball female players a few years ago. The relaxation of clothing
was announced only in 2012 by the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) due to religious requirements in some countries.

We intend to address the media views and treatment on women’s sports, as well as present the heroic efforts of some women who collaborated in bringing Brazilian sports to a new phase which most of the
people are unaware. It is crucial to retrace some of these histories, bring interesting moments that show women’s resilience and overcoming of adversities through sports, the barriers imposed by an
unjust society, and the pursue of their social space and equality with men.

We still struggle with the difficulties imposed by a society that treats women in sports unequally, and these twisted values and behaviours are constantly reframed by the media. Thus, it is imperative
that Sports Public Policies revise many points related to equality, to promote the inclusion and growth of women's sports.

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