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An Exploring Study on Adopting Game Stats for Table Tennis Match Broadcast Packaging

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Sport development

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Presenter ZHOU Yi - Beijing Sport University (Physical Education Department) - CN
GAO Ming - Yan Shan Univeristy (Physical Educaiton College) - CN
ZHANG Yingqiu - Beijing Sport University (Physical Educaiton Department) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Red - 4        Date: 1 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Yi Zhou

Abstract Resume

A win-win situation has been created since the bond between television and sport was established, and these two have been affecting each other, making each other even better. Former president of the
IOC Samaranch once said that only when a sport game is suitable for television can it continue to develop, or it will fade away. As this trend continues to grow, the broadcast packaging quality of a
sport game becomes an important factor. However, for years, table tennis broadcast packaging has no Game Stats to reflect the features of table tennis competition, enriching game information, and
support commentary so that its broadcast can reach a new packaging level. This research has taken the token examples of NBA’s and Tennis Grand Slams’ packaging through the utilization of game stats as
reference, exploring the future packaging plan for table tennis matches.

Method of literature review and video observation are employed to study the features and contents of sport broadcast packaging, summarizing the valuable reference which can be adopted by table tennis
match broadcast. The method of Chinese table tennis technique & tactic statistics is also employed to collect match data for the use of exploring table tennis packaging plan.

1) The packaging of NBA and Grand Slam matches keep to certain patterns: using game stats accordingly for pre-match packaging, packaging during the match and after match packaging.
2) Pre-match packaging mainly provides the recent performance statistics of both sides, specified statistics of matches between the two opposing sides, so as to reflect the current status, advantages
& disadvantages and technique features, suggesting the watching focus and commentaries.
3) Packaging during the match generally provides statistics promptly and properly, backing up the commentaries through graphs and subtitles.
4) The key for after match packaging is to provide summarized game stats through graphs and tables of this very match, reviewing the critical factors, leading the broadcasting to a wonderful end. 
5) Simulating the packaging of NBA and Grand Slam, table tennis game stats collected was used during the broadcast of 2013 World Table Tennis Championships to support the commentary, adding new watch
points and enhancing the packaging level.

1) Using game stats to serve for match broadcasting is a mainstream trend for the development of contemporary sports, it can raise the quality and ornamental value of sports matches, a trend which
table tennis must grab to enhance its development in this field.
2) The packaging of table tennis broadcasting also needs to follow the popular model, using game stats accordingly for pre-match packaging, packaging during the match and after match packaging
3) Table tennis broadcasting employing game stats for its packaging has just reached its starting stage. This research suggests chose high level world competitions as primary packaging targets, then
promoting the use of game stats in more table tennis matches so its packaging level can be improved.

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