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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Olympic Games

Abstract Theme

Sport medicine and injury prevention

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Presenter Delei Wang - Zhejiang Pharmaceutical College (Department of Basic Courses) - CN

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Poster Exhibition Site (Local): Black - 12        Date: 4 September        Time: 8am to 7pm        Presenter: Delei Wang

Abstract Resume

Background:TCM is honored as a national treasure of China, bearing different treatment ideas and methods from Western medicine. In today’s medical world where Western medicine takes
an absolutely dominant position, TCM was once rejected and misunderstood. However, as one of fruits in five thousand years of Chinese civilization, TCM, with its unique charm, excludes seductive
aroma. The Olympic Games, as a sporting event with the largest scale and highest standards in the world, provides TCM with a large international stage to show itself to common people.

Methods:(1)Literature  Review  Method(2)Comparative Analysis(3)Investigation

Results:TCM serves the Olympic Games, specifically through the use of unique TCM treatment principles and methods to help athletes to make good preparation before competition and
relax after competition. TCM services to the Olympic Games mainly cover the following 3 aspects. Firstly, unique techniques of TCM can be used to treat sprains and other diseases. Secondly,
traditional acupuncture can be applied to treat various pains. Thirdly, the body-and-mind control method of TCM can be used to help athletes to relieve their anxiety, regulate body and mind, get sound
sleep and restore physical fitness. The 2016 Rio Olympic Games is approaching. TCM is expected to function in Brazil, South America where Samba Culture prevails. China wants to share TCM with other
countries in this world, instead of exclusively owning it. Advantages of western medicine are obvious. Moreover, Western medicine plays a dominant role in countries around the world, including China.
However, TCM also has its unique advantages over western medicine. For example, massage in TCM can activate collaterals and excite muscles to relax the local or whole body through traditional
techniques. TCM is focused on meridians and acupuncture points, while western medicine places its focus on muscles and joints. Each one has its good points. Before the game, athletes do not dare to
take medicine, in consideration of drug test and side effects of drugs. However, the massage is quite safe and effective in warming up before the game, relieving fatigue and treating injuries and
illness. 1-hour massage can soothe the soul of athletes and help athletes to ensure the best state for competition.

Conclusions:Higher, faster and stronger Olympic Games and the restrained, subtle and low-key Chinese medicine echo with each other. In today’s world with an ever-accelerating process
of globalization, Chinese and Western cultures should avoid weaknesses and give full play to their strengths, to contribute to the global sports event for a four-year term. TCM has a compelling
obligation to make the Olympic Games more brilliant and ensure mental and physical health of athletes.

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