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The Effect of compound donkey-hide gelatin mixture on Taekwondo Athletes’ saliva immune function

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Sport nutrition

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Oral presentation

Abstract Authors

Presenter Rihui Zhang - Shenyang Sport University (Sport science college) - CN
Changwei Liu - Shenyang Sport University (Sport science college) - CN
Feng Guo - Shenyang Sport University (Sport science college) - CN
Hongwei Liu - Shenyang Sport University (Affiliated competitive sports school) - CN

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Room: Venus        Date: 4 September        Time: 17:00:00        Presenter: rihui zhang

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Background:Timely and proper exercise helps to improve athletes’ immune function, but overexercise leads to immunosupression. Reasonable arrangement of exercise and systematic
training supplemented by sports nutrition supplements can avoid the happening of immunosuppression after fatigue. Therefore, this study uses taekwondo athletes as subjects to examine and analyse the
content of taekwondo athletes’ mucosal immune globulin sIgA, sIgM, sIgG in their saliva. It observes the effect of compound donkey-hide gelatin mixture on taekwondo athletes’ saliva immune function
and helps to provide a theoretical reference basis for its reasonable use in athletes’ nutrition which has important theoretical and practical value.

Methods: According to the principle of randomized double blind grouping, sixteen male and sixteen female taekwondo athletes were selected from Shenyang Sport University and were
assigned to male control group (MCG), male experimental group (MEG), female control group (FCG) and female experimental group (FEG). Each group had eight athletes. The experimental group athletes took
compound donkey-hide gelatin mixture and the control group athletes took placebo. Athletes in the experimental and control group both took 20ml half an hour before meals, lasting for eight weeks.
Compound donkey-hide gelatin mixture consists of donkey-hide gelatin, ginseng, rehmannia glutinosa, sucrose, hawthorn and other Chinese traditional medicine processed by modern technology. We tested
the content of athletes’ salivary immunoglobulins before the experiment and the same tests were taken after taking compound donkey-hide gelatin mixture for two weeks, four weeks and eight weeks.

Results: Main immunoglobulins in saliva is sIgA and sIgG, sIgM is rare compared to those two. SIgA is an important immunoglobulin of the mucosal immunity and overexercise will lower
the content of sIgA. The content of sIgA and sIgM of the MEG had increased significantly after 8 weeks experiment (p<0.05), the content of sIgM was significant higher than that of the men in the
control group(p<0.05). The immunoglobulins sIgA and sIgG, sIgM have no obvious change in the MCG. The content of sIgG of the FCG had decreased significantly after 4 weeks and 8 weeks’ experiment.
However, there was no obvious change before and after the test in the content of slgG of the athletes in the FEG. In addition, the content of sIgA in both the FCG and FEG had an increasing tendency
after 8 weeks’ experiment.

Conclusions: Compound donkey-hide gelatin mixture can improve the content of athletes’ saliva sIgA, sIgM, promote athletes’ physical recovery, reduce the immunosuppression after
exercise, and has certain effect on the improvement of immune function.

Key words: compound donkey-hide gelatin mixture; Taekwondo; Athletes; Mucosal immune; immunoglobulin

Acknowledgements:The authors are grateful for funding from the DONGE E-jiao CO., LTD (09-2013-5).

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