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Isokinetic Analysis on the strength of lower limb joints of elite female sprinters

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Elite performance

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Oral presentation

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Presenter Xiaofeng Li - Chengdu Sport University (Faculty of Physical Education) - CN

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Room: Urano        Date: 4 September        Time: 14:40:00        Presenter: Xiaofeng Li

Abstract Resume

Background:The aim of this paper is to investigate the muscle strength characteristics of excellent female sprinters’ lower limb joints, analysis the test data on different angular
velocity, diagnose weakness of tested joints and muscles, which has great practical significance for strength training and prevention of joint injury.
Methods:With IsoMed 2000(made in German)isokinetic muscle strength tester, we carried on flexion and extension isokinetic strength test(bilateral hip, knee and ankle) on 12 excellent
sprinters in 60°/s and 240°/s. We had data processing with Spss 19.0, and had paired sample T test on the relatively PT/BW, PTR and ER indexes, significant level α=0.05.
Results:The PT/W results of hip, knee and ankle: when move 60°/S, left hip flexor of outstanding female sprinters is 2.03±0.21, right hip flexor is 2.06±0.16, left and right hip
extensor are 3.62±0.30, 3.70±0.42; left knee flexor is1.96±0.32, right knee flexor is 1.67±0.36*, left and right knee extensor are2.63±0.56, 2.41±0.44*;left ankle flexor is1.35±0.20, right knee flexor
is1.30±0.18, left and right knee extensor are0.35±0.10,0.33±0.13. when move 240°/S, left hip flexor is1.82±0.18, right hip flexor is1.70±0.29*, left and right hip extensor are2.50±0.26, 3.00±0.37**;
left knee flexor is1.69±0.16, right knee flexor is 1.56±0.23*, left and right knee extensor are2.74±0.70;,2.69±0.45;left ankle flexor is2.74±0.70, right knee flexor is2.69±0.45, left and right knee
extensor are0.33±0.03, 0.28±0.04.
The ER results of hip, knee and ankle: the ER of hip joint of left flexor is 0.82±0.13;right hip flexor is 0.90±0.16*; the ER of hip joint of left extensor is 0.80±0.03;right hip flexor is0.93±0.17*;
the ER of knee joint of left flexor is 0.70±0.14;right knee flexor is 0.77±0.14; the ER of knee joint of left extensor is 0.64±0.08;right knee flexor is0.75±0.11*;the ER of ankle joint of left flexor
is 0.90±0.13;right ankle flexor is 0.72±0.10**; the ER of ankle joint of left extensor is 0.43±0.12;right ankle flexor is0.45±0.12.
Conclusions:According to the test results above, we can make conclusions as follows:
  1.With the increase of angular velocity, the flexion and extension PT/BW of hip, knee and ankle of both side decrease, and PT/BW shows hip > knee > ankle.
  2.The outbreak quick stretch ability of ankle is bigger than hip and knee joint.We suggest to strengthen the explosive force training of hip flexor muscles. 
3. The flexion and extension endurance of hip joint is relatively good, the flexion endurance of ankle joint is poorer, the extension endurance of knee joint is to be improved. The athletes should
improve the flexion endurance ability of ankle joint.

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